15 Evil Pranks That Devilish People Played On Their Exes

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    evil prank - Text - My ex husband doesnt pay child support or talk to the kids. prank texted one day him saying Iwanted a threesomeand he was ready to catch a plane out here. What a dead beab
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    evil prank - Text - Iwork in urgent care as a MA. prank caled my ex saying he was on a patients list to take a STDCest because his gf Suggested it, Best prankive ever done!!!
  • 3
    evil prank - Text - lprank texted myexwho cheated on me wilth my best friend He endedupcryingabout it to the cir.he cheatedon me with She brokeup with him because of it 6 4 7 1602 22: 18 08-01-2006 0000
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    evil prank - Font - Itricked my ex once, Iprank called him pretending Eo bea porn star. Told him to meet me somewhere he Fell for it
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  • 5
    evil prank - Hair - Oprank called my ex boyfriend who i amstillin bve with, pretending to be a blonde bimbo.. im so stupid We have a date tomorrow
  • 6
    evil prank - Text - My friends and prank called my ex saying, You should realy lay off the pot, youre geting kinda Fat. By kinda,Imean a lot' and he said my name. I hung up so quick
  • 7
    evil prank - Balloon - I prank called my ex His gfanswered and they got in afight oops
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  • 8
    evil prank - Facial expression - Sometimes when Iget bored, prank call my ex and pretend to be from the early mothers help center so he thinks his gf is pregnant. Im a bad person..
  • 9
    evil prank - Font - prank phone caled my exby pretending to besomeone from college admissions and told him he was accepted. He believed it.
  • 10
    evil prank - Eyewear - TodayIprank called myexandy herecogizediny voice! 3
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  • 11
    evil prank - Hair - Uprank called my ex onee without knowing he had another gf and said were breaking up and he literaly started flipping shit and erying.
  • 12
    evil prank - Toilet seat - When Im aloneIprank call my ex girlfriend and flush the tolet then hangup
  • 13
    evil prank - Text - Oprank called my ex but Forgot to press 67.He playedalong and then when I wasabout to hang up he said try blocking your number next time Sucha Fail.. iPhone
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  • 14
    evil prank - Balloon - Oprank called my exfust sol Gould hear his voice, Ithink Im living in the past
  • 15
    evil prank - Text - prank called my ex on auto tune,he thought it was my boyfiriend.Idont have a boyfiriend LOL guess succeeded with auto tune hunununue


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