33 Memes 'N Tweets For When You're Bored Out Of Your Mind

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    meme - Text - ig; @selfcarexde @selfcarexde the pile of clothes me at 3am on top of a chair WB
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    meme - Dog - Charles Campbell @FunkyCharles72 Me: gets on the floor to do crunches My dogs, thinking I got on the floor to cuddle:
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    meme - Text - decent pigeon @decentbirthday Made an unexpected friend while working Instacart today Cdeenbthday D iMessage VS IS THIS Yes, who is this? Doris THIS IS DORIS, YOU DELIVERED MY GROCERIES Welcome, Tap here to see your stats TODAY. I HAVE NEVER USED THE SERVICE BEFORE AND isay YOU WERE VERY KIND REWARDS& CHALLENGES WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY WORDS WITH FRIENDS THEIR MOVE O1m D Doris 16 vs 0 Sure! Delivered 1:37 PM 23 Jun 19 Twitter for iPhone
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    meme - Dog - He'll never be able to enjoy tasteless brown pebbles ever again @tank.sinatra
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    meme - Text - lil mex @dieselinjected My mom said "if your friends jump off a bridge would you?" Mom, I was the one with the idea, you birthed a leader, not a follower
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    meme - Text - Me reminding myself how I'm going to STOP wasting so much money on food Also me:
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    meme - Nose - keelyn @KEY lyn genuine pig l AT&T 76% 0 10:23 AM care about you W hannah> Today 10:22 AM Are you babysitting a genuine pig I can't spell it you know what I mean iMessage Pay I would never talk about you p behind ur back i ty O W dfgh k S a
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    meme - Text - des @destinyisbright Just blocked every short, small, and ugly guy in the world. So if you're reading this you're sexy and buff and tall and have a huge schlong. 01:44 23/06/2019 Twitter for iPhone 7,018 Retweets 66.6K Likes Code: YoSway @FaZeSway 21h Replying to @destinyisbright im blocked what does this post say guys? 43 L61 2,600
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    meme - Medical imaging - ArtfulNight @ArtfulNight Throwback to when my kid ate whatever I made for dinner without complaining. Har-high Gn 10 PALE SRI6 CRL CRL GA 12w6d 71.8% 6.51cm 5:42 PM 23 Jun 19 Twitter for Android
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    meme - Product - Me and my boy after sneaking into Costco by quickly flashing a Chilis gift card at the gate @CITIZENSARRES TS
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    meme - Text - everett byram @rad_milk how stupid is elton john that he doesn't know the word "astronaut"
  • 12
    meme - Finger - Lo @g0gurtz fresh set
  • 13
    meme - Drink - Either put the cocaine back in or leave it the hell alone Coca-Cola Coca Cola ORANGE VHILL CRANGE VANILLA zero SUGAR
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    meme - Adaptation - TP Pillay @TP Pillay Looks like frost but it's Spider season In Australia i should be in jail @retro_markus Burn the whole country
  • 15
    meme - Text - Dad Jokes @Dadsaysjokes ive in Pripyat and I just finished watching Chernobyl. I counted 17 inaccuracies on my right hand alone.
  • 16
    meme - Text - Maryam @_maryamgangat Trying to tell a story to your work colleague in between serving customers is an extreme sport
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    meme - Cat - DICKHEAD BOX awwcutepets Frankie was being naughty, so he got a timeout. I don't think he's happy about it.
  • 18
    meme - Text - Katie Lienemann @katielienemann 18th birthday: cant wait to be 21 19th birthday: cant wait to be 21 20th birthday: cant wait to be 21 21st birthday: YEET 22nd birthday: time is fleeting; my days left on this earth are numbered
  • 19
    meme - Text - Franklin Leonard @franklinleonard The most delicious part of Girl Scout cookies is the part where you justify eating an entire box in one sitting because you're supporting the next generation of women business leaders.
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    meme - Text - James @CaucasianJames woke up with acne. again. god really gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers 8:31 AM 6/17/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    meme - Text - . 87% 9:07 J 5GE 44% 2:06 LinkedIn X INSTALL 50,000,000+ downloads 1D This is an entry level position seeking a candidate who has a desire to join a consulting company
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    meme - Text - Mallory Tisdale @prinxsass How do people stay in the house ALL day? Westbank Trey @TreyVsTrumaine All my stuff is there and I don't like реople.
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    meme - Text - jake @callmeshitto i hate using plastic so i pick up my dogs shit with my bare hands. i wish more people would actually care about the earth 9:55 PM 6/13/19 Twitter for iPhone 6,957 Retweets 50.5K Likes benjals @Filipasian 22h Replying to @callmeshitto but then you gotta throw it in the trash that uses plastic bags. just eat it like me bro
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    meme - Text - LEEVEOOKS daniellelikesmusic: sleevebucks: "It's macchiAto, not macchiatO!" Oh My God STARBUCKS
  • 25
    meme - Text - combusken: My boyfriend started a club where he would go to the library and help older people with their phones and tablets and the most baffling story he told me was that an old woman came in who didn't know that charging phones was a thing so everytime her phone die she would just throw it out and buy a new one
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    meme - Text - 4 3% 15:13 lVerizon LTE IMessage Today 15:09 Hey Andrew you coming to the potluck on Saturday? Wrong number buddy I'm bring chili I'm bringing* chili I'm bringing chili I'm bringing chili I'm bringing chili Ok I'm bringing chili I'm bringing chili Wrong number I'm bringing chili I'm bringing chili iMessage
  • 27
    meme - Text - discount alien skier @ClichedOut ME: i trained this chicken to talk HER: let's see ME: what's a male deer CHICKEN: buc ME: how much is 200 pennies CHICKEN: buck buck HER: this sucks ME: it gets better CHICKEN: it gets way better, Karen
  • 28
    meme - Text - Joel Marker @Jmarker16 I'm supposed to go over and hang with some friends and I thought she meant "what does "8" sound like outloud". So I seriously texted her back how I think it sounds
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    meme - Text - Gina @ginadivittorio My friend just ended a relationship and is having doubts saying things like, "But where am I going to find another guy obsessed with Star Wars and dogs me?" And I'm trying so hard to be sympathetic but like, girl, anywhere.
  • 30
    meme - Text - eric curtin @dubstep4dads me, stepping spider on the ceiling into the shower watching me trying not to do anything to anger the spider
  • 31
    meme - Text - James @7mag777 About the timeI think I might actually be an adult, I hear a word like "subpoenas" on TV and giggle #eternally 13 6/25/19, 21:11
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    meme - Cartoon - When my friends ask me if I have time for them
  • 33
    meme - Cartoon - Me after finding money in my pocket RICH BITCH


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