17 Times Tumblr Got Deep And Funny This Week

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    Text - count-sudoku How to summon a dad -Make a circle out of power tools. (Screwdrivers and wrenches will do in a pinch) -Place a pair of socks inside sandals in the middle of the summoning circle -Chant "Hi Hungry, I'm dad" over and over -Touch the thermostat Source: count-sudoku #text 1,252 notes
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    Text - (216 -1)a(216-1)2-1 V2N-1 1048560 a I671160 stack-of-64-lime-slime: You think this formula is some advanced math crap? Something used to find the something of the something advanced math? NO. THIS FORMULA IS USED BY POKÉMON GAMES TO CALCULATE THE SHAKEY SHAKEY OF POKÉBALLS WHEN YOU CATCH A POKÉMON
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    Text - wumblr today i saw a cat who immediately and casually hissed at me on sight but afteri said "that's rude" he meowed politely wumblr odds-in-ends-my-friends Just tryin out some noises
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    Text - klaushargreeve i just found out merriam webster has a time traveler feature that tells you some of the words that were "born" the same year as you. it's pretty neat yall should do this bobavader i was born with vape and i will die with vape twenlyonepilots I was born with judgy
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    Text - sagihairius Follow i was taking this families order and the dad needed a second to decide so i was chatting with his kids and i was like "oooh are you guys twins" and then a voice from under the table went "YOURE CLOSE MAAM" then A THIRD KID popped up and did some karate moves at me and the dad just looked so tired so yeah i met identical triplets today #they were all super polite tho they ruled 105,919 notes
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    Text - onnanoko-sekai My favorite misunderstanding I've had to clear up so far was a Japanese person asking me about the word "fuck". Because apparently someone had told him if he said "fuck" in America that he might be killed on the spot. Which I think is the funniest lie that I've ever heard pornusual damn how brave was he feeling when he asked you that
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    Text - wodneswynn Concept: You walk outside one night and notice that there are two full moons. A few hours go by and they don't seem to move. You stare up at them. They blink. kainoliero You blink back. It's only polite to return the greeting of the Big Night Cat.
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    Text - pestocat If I were a teacher at Hogwarts I would give and take points a lot, but I wouldn't use multiples of 5. "Thank you for your answer Emma. 3.76 points to Hufflepuff. "But professor, you can't do that." "Shut up Ingo or I'll take 45.00000001 points from Gryffindor." montybeth I found my blog from when I was 12 and this is the only good thing on it
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    Text - Gorillas make up 'little food songs' while they eat: Listen to them here > According to an article by Brian Owens in New Scientist, a German scientist working in the Congo has discovered a fun new fact about gorillas, that they hum and even sing during mealtimes. dignityisforotherpeople And it's not like they "sing the same song over and over," commented Luef "It seems like they are composing their little food songs." According to Ali Vella-Irving of the Toronto Zoo, "Each gorilla has its
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    Cat - deanshuggybear fozmeadows: In which seven cats all discover the same slightly elevated flat thing and claim it as their own while pretending the other six cats don't exist. game of thrones Source: misterjakes
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    Cheezburger Image 9325705984
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    Text - crows have been documented holding 'funerals' for many years. however, researchers suggest that they may not be mourning; evidence indicates that crows may be examining the body&surrounding area for potential threats to the rest of the flock. source: (x) darkestelemental616 So it's not a funeral... ..t's a fucking autopsy and criminal investigation. You might even call it a murder investigation.
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    Text - If my future s/o doesn't stare at me like l'm their whole world while I stand like a crackhead in the candle section of target smelling every single candle before buying one then whats the point rekdreams247 My mom does this and my dad always watches her. She thinks he's not paying attention, but last year he remembered the ones she liked and used that knowledge to get her a custom scented candle for their anniversary. He had it named "Target Sniffs"
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    Text - curiosity-door-locked GUYS the 80s are back!!!! Star Wars, high waisted jeans, over sized sweaters, flannels, horrible republican government, conflict with Russia, the ever impending threat of Nuclear Anihilation, scrunchies, idk-i-cant-think synthpop, bomber jackets, a tyrannical mad woman runs the uk, incompetent child runs the us, the entire worlds in an economic crisis, doctor who
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    Orange - easierlying gayyyyywwwwwwwy Source:cum5lut owldude: flowury: Super secret ladybug council meeting to discuss ladybug super secrets "we must conspire against the bunnies 299,937 notes
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    Text - ri-ann: getfckingfit: whyhellotherethunderthighs: When I started losing weight I noticed people started talking to me or being nicer to me and that my husband started being more affectionate towards me I would lay in bed and think "fuck man, people didn't like me before because I was fat and I would feel bad. The kind of bad that you feel in your bones, it makes your body ache. I didn't like to think my worth was directly tied to my weight. What I've come to realize is that it's me. I'm n
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    Text - follow-the-music ch-a-s-i-n-g: Why parents have a strange need to hold our phone when we show them some pictures? I showed this post to my mum and she grabbed my phone to read it and just stood there defeated


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