You Can Now Buy A Harness For Your Chicken To Safely Walk It Across The Road

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    Chicken - yesto
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    Hair - yesito
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    Chicken - Size: Small Suitable for chicken weighing about 2.2 pound and at height (Distance from ground to chicken's back) about 9 inches.
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    Text - Description With a Yesito chicken leash and harness. The ultimate training pack has just been released. Do not let your chicks get away. Train them in style and even take them for a walk. Surprise any passerby with your chicken on a leash and allow your chicks to have easy access to fresh pasture at the same time. Forget about leashes coming loose. Forget about readjusting the harness all the time. Minimize discomfort and keep your pets happy with the Yesito chicken harness. Now there is
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    Text - Sissy May 19, 2019 Verified Purchase Color: Pink Size: Medium I think my hen is looking forward to our next walk lol I have a favorite hen that I can't resist holding because she's so fluffy and soft and now I'm able to take her for a walk. It took less than a minute for her to get use to it. Lol I let her take the lead while she investigated around my yard. Happy chickens lay happy eggs.
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    Text - Tracey September 5, 2018 Verified Purchase Size: Medium | Color: Pink My daughter loves it! I never laughed so hard watching my daughter walk a chicken!
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    Text - Crystal July 25, 2018 Verified Purchase Color: Blue Size: Small Arrived in great time. Was a very nice harness loved the... Arrived in great time. Was a very nice harness loved the bow ties. But was way too big for my silkie. Maybe it'll fit one of my other juvenile chickens before they're full grown. Overall nice but not for a small sized chicken like advertised..
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    Text - Shirley P January 25, 2019 Verified Purchase Size: Small Color: Blue May need to know more about the sizing Harness fit about a 2 pound chicken and was questionable about being too small
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    Text - Amazon Customer My chickens September 7, 2018 Verified Purchase Size: Small Color: Blue I love it and my chickens don't like it very much though
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    Text - captain No more choking my chicken September 13, 2018 Size: Medium| Color: Pink This is great now I can walk my chicken without choking it.


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