I Can Has Cheezburger?

The Camping With Cats Instagram is Purrfect for Adventure Loving Felines

  • 1

    Rudely awoken. Beauty sleep cruelly disturbed. Now pet me, human. #cathaiku

    Sleeping bag
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  • 2

    Freedom is fleeting. Held captive for all 9 lives. Eternally doomed. #cathaiku

  • 3

    Oh crap, you're awake. I was about to bite you. I'm hungry. Feed me. #cathaiku

  • 4

    It is 3 am. I sing songs of my people. Yet, there's no applause. #cathaiku

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  • 5

    Quietly stalki- Human startled my prey; damn. I am crestfallen. #cathaiku

  • 6

    We hang in the trees, So I think to meowself. Have we become birds? #cathaiku

    Cat - PUPPIA
  • 7

    I often pawnder. What lies beyond this hammock? More catnip, perhaps? #cathaiku

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  • 8

    My biggest regret? Not hiding when I saw you. Hindsight is futile. #cathaiku

  • 9

    Hiding in the wheat. Stalking my prey; a nice treat. Bird for lunch. Tweet tweet. #cathaiku

    Cat - Colemion8
  • 10

    My death: impending. The time is now 5 a.m. I've yet to be fed. #cathaiku



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