I Can Has Cheezburger?

Dogs Putting The 'Good' in Good Boy Or Girl

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    Ricochet goes surfing with people suffering from physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities.

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    Now they’ll get lots of treats and big belly rubs!

    Dog - I saved my brother's fe by leting mom KNow He was choking daals si ut MOME SUPER HERO
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    This dog saved its owner’s life by lying on him for nearly 24 hours in freezing conditions.

    Canidae - VSta 04NS
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    Lucas, a sick little boy, and his service dog Juno share a special bond.

    Product - www
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    This is Amanda, a mama dog that saved her puppies from a fire and put them on the fire truck.

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    Here are Golden Retrievers comforting Orlando shooting survivors, providing a warm, furry body to hold and pet!

    Dog - NG P Me
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    School is ruff, but they’re doing great!

    Dog - CoUCTO
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    This is Bretagne, a search and rescue dog who worked during 9/11. She was only 2 years old at the time.

    Dog - D 27 SS
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    Layka saved the lives of U.S. troops in Afghanistan after she was shot and gravely wounded.

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    Dory is specially trained to accompany children in a courtroom, to help calm them and ease the process.

    Dog - Paws itive Teams HERAPY DOG COURT DOG
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    It all came full circle for Jake.

    Dog - This is Jake. At 3 years-old he was abandoned in a house fire. Today, he works with firefighters. HANAHAN FIRE DEPT.
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    Its owner’s legs may be weak, but he has 4 and they’re strong enough for the both of them!

    Dog - ENVICE DOG atre
  • 13

    A dog providing a soldier with some much-needed love

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  • 14

    Air assault woofers, protecting us

    Helicopter - 26
  • 15

    An anxious autistic boy undergoing an MRI scan was put at ease when his loyal best friend stayed by his side throughout the procedure.

    Dog breed
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    “Wasao is out to charm passengers as a tourism station master.”

    Dog - わが
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    Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but here’s one pup who’s earned himself a different title: Best Assistant.

    Cheezburger Image 9331706880
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    This is a Warrior Canine Connection service dog being told they’re a good dog.



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