Teens Diploma Withheld By High School After His Surprise Graduation Proposal

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Jack Graham and Rachael Green are high school sweethearts at Meadowdale HS in Washington. The two have been dating since they were 15.

“We already knew we were going to be with each other for the rest of our lives,” Jack said.

Meadowdale HS allows students to choose who they sit next to for graduation, so, of course, Jack and Rachael chose to sit next to each other. That's when Jack went off-script. Jack pretended to fall after receiving his diploma, Racheal came to help him up and BOOM!

“It was a perfect proposal,” Jack said. “Everyone was watching me.”

The roaring applause from the proposal drowned out the names that followed and that's why the school decided to withhold the diploma.

Jack has since apologized and finally got his diploma.

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