I Can Has Cheezburger?

This Crowdfunding Campaign Raises Money To Provide Veterinary Services For Dogs Of Homeless People

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    No access to vaccines, no access to annual monitoring, no consultation for a sick or injured pets. This is the daily life of people in trouble in the canton of Geneva.

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    There is, Jiby, the beautiful 10-year-old Labrador, who can not receive the necessary rabies vaccine boosters because of the financial means of the owner. There's also Chico, the beautiful 10-year-old Jack Russel, who's owner can not afford to consult a veterinarian if he were to develop an illness and get hurt from living on the street of Geneva.

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    MyStetho is a Swiss startup that supports the health of pets through a 24/7 chat with veterinarians to provide pet advice any time and anywhere

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    The service also comes with a smart stethoscope. The chat along with the device allows pet owners to exchange text, photos, videos and heart and respiratory audio recordings with veterinarians for analysis.

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    Thus far, the initiative has assisted over 100 individuals and their furry friends and hopes to reach hundreds more.

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    Through getting out to the streets of Switzerland and organizing events in the parks and streets of the canton of Geneva, they have helped over 100 + people with their new innovation. The money raised will pay for online veterinary advice, face-to-face veterinary care, medicine or necessary medical equipment and dog food.

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