Guy Playing Pokémon GO Tries to Get One Million XP in a Day, and Gets Treated Like a Cheater

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Jimmy Derocher wanted to prove to everyone out there that was saying it was impossible to get one million XP in a day, wrong...unfortunately, Niantic wasn't so down for the occasion. Derocher went ahead and put together a special walking plan for his goal as well:

“We place[d] in-game lures on 10 Pokestops in a 0.2 mile loop, which we [planned to] walk over and over,” Derocher said. “People casually call it ‘Jimmy’s loop.’”

Derocher even tried reaching out to Niantic before taking on the challenge, asking them if he could be 'whitelisted.'

Even though Derocher did end up getting softbanned he was still able to raise a decent enough amount of money for charity.

“I logged 25 miles using the app Charity Miles, and we’ll be able to donate $50-60 to charity thanks to stream donations,” Derocher said. “[But] we easily could’ve seen 1.5x that mileage and 5-10x the charity donations given...a full stream.”

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