Cat Missing For 5 Years Found 1,300 Miles Away (Video)

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What a beautiful reunion! 

Sasha, a Portland long-haired black cat, has been reunited with her hooman, Viktor Usov, after being missing for five years! The lost feline was found 1,300 miles away in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Usov originally adopted Sasha from the Oregon Humane Society about six years ago. Back then, Sasha was sick, had a distended belly protuding from his underside and had a constant runny nose. Usov didn't mind any of that, there was a click between the two, upon first meeting.

And luckily, after adopting Sasha, Usov's mom applied some acupuncture treatments that cleared up Sasha's health issues quickly. 

Usov told OregonLive, "He turned into one of the friendliest cats I've ever met."

Sasha would follow Usov on walks, with their puppy, Tara. One day, Sasha went out for a walk and just didn't return. 

"We waited a week or so," Usov said. "But when we didn't get a call from the Humane Society and no one returned him, we figured a coyote got him. We were upset but we moved on."

Fast forward to just this last week, Usov gets a phone call from an animal shelter in New Mexico -- Sasha was mircochipped! At first, Usov didn't believe it was the same cat, but when the shelter described Sasha's friendly demeanor he just knew. 

According to the shelter in New Mexico, Sasha was particularly happy to be picked-up but appeared healthy and well-fed!

But how did Sasha get all the way to New Mexico? Usov has a theory:

"He went on a grand American adventure," Usov told KGW. "He stopped by the Grand Canyon, Crater Lake, he saw the monuments, all the national parks, definitely Redwood Forest."

Congratulations on the happy reunion, Usov and Sasha! And just a friendly reminder to all the pet owners out there to please microchip your pets!

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