Woman Thinks Mother-In-Law Poisoned Her, Follows Professional Advice And It Backfires

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    dear prudence - Text - Dear Prudence, A couple of months ago you answered my letter asking for advice regarding a situation involving my hateful mother-in-law, whom I suspected of tainting my food or drink at family functions at her home. You had suggested swapping plates with my husband to see if my mother-in-law would react. However, as you noted, that would have required bringing my husband into my confidence. I did not feel it was wise to do that because he already didn't believe that his mo
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    dear prudence - Text - function was at Easter. She provided a traditional prime rib dinner, set up buffet style, and I could see no way that could be problematic. However, when we arrived at her home, the dinner table was set with place cards and in front of each was a ramekin of horseradish sauce and a small pitcher of au jus. When nobody was looking, I switched the
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    dear prudence - Text - jus. When nobody was looking, I switched the ramekin and pitcher between my husband's place and mine. After my husband and I returned home, he became wracked with diarrhea, but I was not ill at all. In the morning I told him that I had switched the horseradish and au jus. He looked at me with such hatred in his eyes that I knew he had known all along what his mother was up to. His only words were to accuse me of poisoning him! I quickly packed a couple of bags and raced ou
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    dear prudence - Text - Vhyson via Android 623 pts 4 hr Who chooses their mom over their wife knowing she's poisoning your spouse? Wtf?
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    dear prudence - Font - procrastinatingagain via Android 4 hr 303 pts Take a sample, bring it to the police and gave her arrested.
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    dear prudence - Font - puddinhead2U via Android 4 hr 95 pts When no one is looking, my mother in law hits me with a fly swatter..
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    dear prudence - Text - ArmedandOverclocked 19 pts 56 min should of swapped it with the mother in-law's.


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