Destination of the Day: Spend Thanksgiving Drinking from this Italian Village's Wine Fountain

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italian village opens free wine fountain
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Thanksgiving’s coming up, and that’s not fun for anyone. You have to visit these people you didn’t even choose to be associated with, eat the driest bird, and hopefully not get into a fight with the people who raised and clothed you.

Wouldn’t it be great to get away to place where your cup is never empty.

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Why not check out Abruzzo, Italy? Last month, the village installed a brand new wine fountain that flows with the red stuff that you crave 24/7. Yes, you read correctly, a fountain that pours red wine all day, everyday. It’s all you can drink brunch all the time. You can even check out the remains of Jesus’ disciple Thomas while there. Try not to cry. 

The fountain is open now. Check it out.

So, let’s see: you can drink free wine, see some really old remains, and avoid a family argument? Seems like a no brainer.

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