Game of the Day: Reddit User Asks "Which of These Gingerbread Houses Could Kill You"

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reddit user asks why pharmaceutical medicines look like candy
Via Mmmking
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Let’s be frank: Medicine looks delicious. Whether it’s pain reliever or antacid, it can be hard to not reach for some medicine when that sweet tooth starts acting up.

It begs the question, why is medicine made to look so much like candy?

To illustrate that point, Reddit user Mmnking asks:

Two gingerbread houses - one decorated with confectionary, the other with medication. Which one is which?

Can you choose? The point is, it shouldn’t be this difficult.

Mmmking writes:

“A little bit of backstory - a friend of my mum works in a poisons department at a children's hospital in Sydney. She made this, to be blown up into a poster, but didn't have a good camera other than her phone. She rang up, and I took the photos for her with a nice DSLR. I thought it was pretty interesting, as a ridiculous number of the people I asked couldn't tell which was which, so I figured I'd share it here.”

Point taken. This holiday season, watch what you’re putting in your body!

H/T The Daily Dot

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