Today in Things That Will Likely Be the Death of Us All: Twinkies Ice Cream

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win twinkies ice cream is here
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The indestructible Twinkie will never die, as we learned a few years ago when Hostess went under. The company and it's signature snack were resurrected, but even more frightening, though, Twinkies are growing stronger.

Back in December, Nestle and Hostess announced that we should keep our eyes to the freezers because Hostess cakes were coming. Lo and behold, they made good on their promise. Twinkies, Sno Balls, and the immortal chocolate CupCakes ice cream are fresh out the gate, and some of them have already been spotted in the wild.

The folks over at the Impulsive Buy found these suckers in their local Riesbeck supermarket.

Hostess Limited Edition Twinkies and Sno Balls Ice Creams

While we haven’t tastes these bad boys yet, they sound absolutely delicious. In their press release last year, Hostess described flavors as:

Twinkies Ice Cream features sweet buttercream-flavored ice cream, sponge cake pieces and a vanilla frosting swirl; CupCakes Ice Cream combines chocolate ice cream, cake pieces and a cream frosting swirl; and Sno Balls Ice Cream is a marshmallow-flavored ice cream with chocolate cake pieces and a whipped coconut swirl.

via Reddit

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