This Massive Bar Fight Will Have You Saying, "Hey, Honey, Maybe We Should Go to Chili's"

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There's nothing like going out for dinner with your family. Little Sally, Billy, and wife and/or husband all putting on their Sunday's best, loading up the family caravan, and dreaming of the array of affordably-priced menu items on the way to the restaurant. 

But imagine, if you can bear it, having those dreams dashed. When you open the door to your local Sizzler, Red Lobster, or Ruby Tuesdays to a massive, 100-person bar fight. 

According to The Sun, this humongous brew-ha-ha was started by a mistaken identity, at a bar in Trowbridge, England. But it makes you wonder, maybe we should've just gone to Chili's. We could be eating a plate of sizzlin' fajitas right now. 

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