Wipe that Smug Smile Off Your Face, iPhone Users, Because iPhones Are Blowing Up Now, Too

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Remember last year, when the great cellphone war went up in smoke as Samsung phones started blowing up all the time. Well, now, I guess you're dumbass Android-using friend can be all shitty about their phone again because this iPhone blew up too.

Apparently, Brianna bought the phone, and while she suspected it didn't look right, she took it home anyway, assuming that because it wasn't a Samsung phone, there's no chance that it could blow up. However, she was wrong. Dead wrong. Her boyfriend caught the phone smoking and squealing the very next monring, so he dumped it in the bathroom, the only falme retartant room in the house, for safekeeping. Yup, looks like you're going to have another one of those conversations about which phone is better, and you won't be able to get out of it by saying iPhones don't blow up. Get ready to hear about how Galaxy phones are endlessly customizable. However, when you ask what is customizable about it, they tell you something that you would never want to do to your phone.

But we live in a post-iPhone blow up reality, where we have to put up with convsations like that, and there's very little we can do about it. Even the Genius bar can't save you because this phone blew up. 

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