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This Dalmatian Gave Birth To 19 Puppies And Broke The World Record

  • picture woman sitting on couch with her 19 dalmatian puppies around her

    This is Melissa O'Brien, whose pet dalmatian Melody gave birth to 19 puppies in June 2019. Melody put on 15 kg during her pregnancy, which made Melissa suspect that it was going to be a big litter. But she never expected 19 puppies. 

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  • picture dalmatian puppies against black background

    Melody gave birth via C-section, and 8 vets were required to look after the "never-ending supply" of puppies. Once the puppies started coming, Melissa and the vet had to keep restarting the head counts to keep up with the puppies. It took four head counts to believe that there were 19 puppies. 

  • two panel picture of 19 dalmatian puppies in cage

    Melody is now the proud mother of 10 boys and 9 girls, who all, fittingly, have the names of Disney characters. Belle and Pumbaa are in there. Melody isn't going to give birth again - 19 in one litter are quite enough. 

  • picture 19 white newborn dalmatian puppies sleeping in big pile

    The puppies all came out white and without spots, which started to appear about 4 weeks later (but this is normal for dalmatians). They've had no trouble finding homes - there are only 6 puppies left now. If you happen to live near Albury, New South Wales, get in there quick! Otherwise, enjoy these puppy GIFs to satisfy your need for puppy love. 


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