I Can Has Cheezburger?

Photographers Show What “Love” Means To Them By Sending Beautiful Animal Photos

  • 1

    Macaque family hug in India by @light_rays

    animal photo - Vertebrate
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  • 2

    A polar bear and its two cubs, Norway, by @uglefisk

    animal photo - Polar bear
  • 3

    This photographer and with his four-legged friend are travelling around Europe, by @aska2016

    animal photo - Hand
  • 4

    Smiling faces by @ptkhanhhvnh

    animal photo - Vegetation
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  • 5

    Who said doves couldn’t fall in love? by @asadsungkar

    animal photo - Bird
  • 6

    Giraffe at Cologne’s zoom, Germany by @a.rosenthal

    animal photo - Giraffe
  • 7

    Two snails kissing in Saudi Arabia, by @aepurex

    animal photo - Nature
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  • 8

    A tiny ant carrying a heart-shaped clover, by @albertsans

    animal photo - Green
  • 9

    A couple of curious toads vy @hendymp

    animal photo - Frog
  • 10

    First day out for this baby giraffe in San Luis’ zoo, USA, by @castlemandesign

    animal photo - Giraffe


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