Sick Dude, Shows Up Looking Scary Sick, After Being Told Attendance For Final Test Is Mandatory

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    Text - r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/zenetx 5 days ago I don't care if you're sick, if you don't attend the final exam you'll fail the subject ос м This story happened to me in my college days many years ago and to this day whenever I remember it, I let out a smile.
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    Text - I graduated in a traditional and very strict engineering school. At that time, there were not substitutive exams of any kind, no matter the reason. So it wasn't uncommon for people to fail subjects because they couldn't attend the test day. In the end of my last year, I don't know how or why - since I took the vaccine - I got chickenpox. Luckily for me I didn't suffer at all, maybe a day with mild fever and that's it. All the itching was completely mitigated with medicine. Although extern
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    Text - More concerned about my appearance than anything, I called and asked If I could take my exam another day. The lady who answered it immediately denied my request, as expected. Then, being as patient and kind as possible, I tried to explain my situation, but she was very rude and cut my explanation short, not letting me even say what my illness was. As a last attempt I asked if at least I could take the exam in a separate classroom. Then she told me to wait on the line.. I heard some people
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    Text - I don't really know what heck they expected, that I didn't come and failed my very last test? Hell no. So I went.. looking absolutely hideous, not a square inch of my skin didn't have a mad hash, including my face In the class, after the monitor arrives, he told me to remove my sunglasses and cap, as per regulations, and so I did, including my jacket and medical face mask. Oh boy, I'll never forget his facial expression. And then my fun begins, during the test I start to fake cough like a
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    Text - Barely able to hold my bursting laugh at this point, my colleague who got what was going on, look at me also holding his laugh and shaking his head. In the end I did pretty well on the exam and had my fun, including paying a visit to the lady who left me haging. Later on, after graduation, I found out through a friend that I became sort of a famous joke, like the guy who came back from the dead to attend his exam


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