Guy Complies with Unfair Printing Fee by Using Every Printer at Once

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    Text - r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/okiespy 1 day ago College Printing Balance oC This is my story from 8 years ago. Like most colleges, the university I went to had a lot of bullshit fees. Most of these were inevitable, but we also had a "printing" fee for us to use the printers around campus Effectively we were required to pay $25 at the beginning of each semester, and would be deducted for each page we printed (less than penny per page).
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    Text - Fast forward to my senior year. Before we graduate, we are required to do an exit interview with our financial counselor to understand our balance and repayment plans. That's when I noticed I still had around $90ish on my printing balance. Obviously I didn't want to pay for something I didn't use, so I ask how I'll get that money back. Apparently, there's "simply no way" they could reimburse me and that "I may still need to print paper before graduating"
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    Text - That's when they fucked up Let me rewind a bit... if you were on campus WiFi, you had access to any public printer on campus at any given time. That means if the library was out of paper, I could print to my dorms and pick it up on the way to my room. Let me reiterate: I could print to any of the 30+ printers no matter my location.
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    Text - Sure enough, my counselor was right. I DID have to print something before graduating. I had to print this over 400 times on each printer simultaneously. Recently learned they have a new printing policy now.
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