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Are 'Emotional Support' Pets Getting Out Of Hand?

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    "When my mom has a kangaroo on her flight as an "Emotional Support Animal""

    Car seat
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    Marmoset Gizmo got through TSA screening and boarded a Frontier Airlines flight from Columbus, Ohio to Las Vegas.

    New World monkey

    Gizmo's owner, Jason Ellis, didn't warn other passengers or crew about his emotional support pet, so their surprise when Gizmo started poking its head out of Ellis's shirt was understandable. Gizmo was never loose on flight and stuck to owner's shirt the entire time.

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    Richard, a bonnet macaque monkey, belongs to Debby Rose, who suffers from agoraphobia, the fear of places and situations that causes panic, helplessness, or embarrassment. She brings her monkey everywhere and will even drive with him in the front seat.

    Motor vehicle - DON ET M
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    "A customer tried to bring a baby kangaroo on the plane as a service animal," a retired airline customer service agent with 18 years of experience told Business Insider.

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    Hamlet the Beach Hog is the emotional support animal of Megan Peabody who loves flying, but suffers from anxiety. According to Peabody, having her hog on board makes her feel "more comfortable and provides a lovely distraction."

    Iron - RAP S00 of
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    Daniel the Duck is a certified emotional support animal, who helps his owner Carla Fitzgerald battle the post traumatic stress disorder.

    Photo caption - Top Fan Debra Davis Support and therapy animals come in all shapes and species. I must say that I've never heard of a duck taking up the cause. I think it's very cool the bond that they have. Have to admit that he is super cute in his shoes and harness. 68 Top Fan Jeanette Nicolaides l'd rather sit next to a duck than someone without proper hygiene or a screaming baby 401 Lisa McNish I love animals especially ducks but i am really surprised at this people have really bad asthma a

    "Everyone just took notice of him and fell in love," Fitzgerald told ABC News. "I mean, he's an adorable, funny and sweet little guy. He was very well behaved at the airport and during the flight."

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    Flirty, a miniature horse who is a service animals, belongs to Abrea Hensley who is allergic to dogs and has PSTD. So she takes Flirty everywhere she goes. The pony reminds Hensley to take her medication and provides support when she becomes overwhelmed

    Photo caption - 726 pts 5 days Candygramformrmongopartdeux Just when you think you've seen it all. S**t's gonna get real when I bring my emotional support lion 352 pts 5 days 3rdoption uppose I just have a different kind of emotional issue but to me having to drag an animal around would just add to my anxieties gurneypusher 53 pts 5 days Mini horses are actually a lot more common as service animals than you may think. Being sturdy is hard for a dog, easy for an horse Telharmonius 3 pts 5 days Mi
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    Woman and 70-pound 'emotional support' pig got kicked off the plane. The pig was reported as being 'out of control' and disruptive. So the passenger was asked to get off.

    Text - Bryan Elwick @Elwick70 Replying to @ferdisgrandad @ferdisgrandad: Perhaps her Emotional Support Pig needs an Emotional Support Pig! @ABC 47 1:59 PM Nov 29, 2014 See Bryan Elwick's other Tweets Ferdisgrandad @ferdisgrandad Replying to @Elwick70 @Elwick70 Pigs might fly, but not in this case. 34 1:55 PM Nov 29, 2014 See Ferdisgrandad's other Tweets Joey Quabba @joeyfromthville Replying to @ABC Hey I prefer emotional support pigs on a plane. Just Don't bring a snake! No Snakes on a plane! 69
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    Women brings 'emotional support' peacock, named Dexter, for her flight from Newark to L.A.

    Text - Linda Chai That is ridiculous. I would be quite pissed if I had to sit next to a peacock. It would give me emotional-anxiety. 6 Nikki DiFrancesco People are getting absurd with this "emotional support animal" thing and it needs to be said. I understand if you need an animal for medical reasons like you're blind, or you suffer from epilepsy or diabetes (not even kidding, there are dogs that can detect the signs of an oncoming seizure or blood sugar drop). I get it for PTSD. But no, this do

    Despite being warned three times that Dexter would not be allowed to travel with her, she showed up at the airport anyway. Dexter was promptly turned away by United Airlines.

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    Easter, the turkey, was Jodie Smalley's support animal. She founf is shivering, sanding in the road on Easter Day.

    Adaptation - 174 points 3 years ago Freshmakerer At this point I think it's a contest to see who can bring the craziest animal on a turkey can be comforting is when you can smell it cooking all day and know how good it's going to plane. The only way taste later. 16 points 3 years ago suzyqzy You gotta know the custodians aren't very pleased with a turkey walking around the airport unless it's somehow trained to not crap on the carpet.

    Smalley explained, "Easter came to me as a tiny poult at an emotionally difficult time in my life being in a mentally abusive and failing marriage."

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    Text - Ethan @etmcdowell1 Replying to @GoldboxATL@Delta "emotional support"... Now means "I get upset if I don't ALWAYS get my way" 9 2:11 PM - Jul 13, 2016 See Ethan's other Tweets Sara G @SaraOnTheGo Replying to @GoldboxATL This craziness has to stop. Where is the Voice of Reason? It's an airline, not a county fair. @GoldboxATL@Delta 8 2:39 PM - Jul 13, 2016 See Sara G's other Tweets Tracey @iopflygirl Replying to @GoldboxATL@Delta Definitely out of control. If someone can't go without an anim
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    A passenger was removed from a Frontier Airlines flight when she attempted to fly with her “emotional support” squirrel and then refused to get off the plane when she was told no.

    Rodent - FOX fox8news @fox8news Woman removed from flight to Cleveland with emotional support squirrel: "You will not take my baby' via.fox8.com/SbvQo 20 4:30 PM Oct 10, 2018 25 people are talking about this Tom Mares @Tom Mares3 Replying to @fox8news Can you imagine the panic at 30,000 ft if that squirrel got loose 2 10:01 PM Oct 10, 2018 See Tom Mares's other Tweets @6badges Replying to @fox8news So we are taking off our shoes, getting x- rayed, and being patted down. How doe this nut get a ro

    A spokesman for Frontier said in a statement, that the passenger had alerted the airline that she would be bringing an emotional-support animal on the flight. However, she did not mention it would be a rodent. "Rodents, including squirrels, are not allowed on Frontier flights," the statement read.

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    Horse - The_Coil 5 points 1 year ago That horse cannot be comfortable jiggly_boop 4 points 1 year ago The poor horse. What is wrong with people? libraryberry 4 points 1 year ago They are supposed to make good guide animals as well
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    This 'emotional support' turkey was spotted at San Francisco Airport. The turkey was seen going through security sometime last week by KTVU journalist Frank Somerville, who shared the story to his Facebook page.

    Text - Carlos Rodriguez That's cute! I have 2 turkeys I rescued from a dinner plate! Not that I could imagine a turkey sleeping in bed but still cute she finds companions in "farm" animals. Daniel de Lappe And I had always been told turkeys couldn't fly...learn something new every day! 33 Laura Hannigan WIlbourn How about the comfort of everyone else? 7

    According to the post, the turkey is an emotional support animal for a woman who lost her husband. The woman takes the turkey everywhere with her, and it even sleeps with her at night.

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    'Emotional support' rooster

    Red - 08:a PassengerShaming.com marilynthegoddess I'm dying shademann ????? jude418 Seriously?
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    Traveler assured officers at Charleston (CHS) that there was no "fowl" play afoot and this was simply her service duck.

    Duck - tinuvielstan iwant a service duck kieran_hampton Hahahahaha haraguchornellas Really service animal permit going way too far so would ask reseating or up- grade then sit next to duck. Or that service pig that was on the news. Imagine the poop
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    Just your everyday 'emotional support' kangaroo..

    Head - PassengerShaming.com brin_de_line Poor, poor little sweety
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    Belen Aldecosea said she contacted Spirit airlines twice to confirm that her 'emotional support hamster' can fly with her. But the animal was refused entry upon arrival, and an employee suggested she flush her pet down the toilet

    Text - David Ryan Carr @CarrPR Replying to @Davidovalle305 Breaks my heart, makes me sick. @SpiritAirlines told her it was OK, which caused the whole situation. She didn't respond how I would've but she's young and felt trapped, I guess. Regardless, a hamster is violently killed for no reason and Spirit is at least partially to blame. 1,615 5:23 PM Feb 8, 2018 385 people are talking about this No Guff @NoGuff Replying to @Davidovalle305 #BelenAldecosea didn't want the hamster to get run over if


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