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Boston Dynamics' Humanoid Robot Now Does Parkour (5 GIFs)

  • boston dynamics robot doing a handstand gif

    Atlas is a bipedal humanoid robot that Boston Dynamics revealed in 2013. Back then, it was a lot less agile than it is today. In fact, getting Atlas to walk like a human took years of engineering. 

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  • boston dynamics robot doing a forward roll gif

    Over the past ten years or so, the technological advancements in the robotics industry have risen unprecedentedly. Suddenly, Atlas could do more than walk awkwardly. Now, it does much more than walking. 

  • boston dynamics robot doing a roll and splits in the air gif

    Boston Dynamics has many kinds of robots, and not all of them are humanoid like Atlas. One of the robots, Spot, is even available for commercial sale

  • boston dynamics robot doing splits in the air gif

    It might be a while before we are able to buy robots like Atlas to become our personal assistants. I know we're all waiting for the day when each of us has a robot to do our dirty laundry - metaphorically and literally - for us. 

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  • boston dynamics robot doing a twist in the air and a gymnastics finish gif

    But until that day comes, we'll have to be satisfied with the robots that are available today. Don't be disappointed - I'm sure it won't be long before we're all whizzing around in flying armchairs like the people in Wall-E. Until then, enjoy using your legs. 


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