Pregnant Besties: Woman Telling Her Pregnant BFF that She's Also Expecting is the Purest Form of Love


Something that isn't talked enough about with mamas-to-be is how friggin' scary it is. Especially now when many women are about to have no choice but to be pregnant. The father being supportive is nice, but they don't know what you're going through. And your mom giving you pointers is great, but they were pregnant during an entirely different era, it's completely different now. You know what would truly be perfect? If your best friend was pregnant at the same time as you and you can go through this beautiful but terrifying experience together


Well, that's what happened to one lucky TikToker and the video of her bestie revealing her pregnancy to her is more wholesome than any video you see of the mama telling the father about it. 


“Name a better gift to give to your pregnant bestie”


The video is so epically pure, anybody with a BFF will burst into tears. TikToker Andrea Cavaleri was bringing a gift to her pregnant BFF, TikToker Melissa Desm. The present was two baby onsies, one read “Drinking” and the other read, “Buddies.” Desm looked at her an instantly knew, but still shook her head in disbelief and asked, “who's gonna wear the second one?” Tears instantly welled up in both of their eyes and Cavaleri shook her head yes. The words “I'm pregnant” didn't even need to be exchanged, these besties just knew. The waterworks started flowing and the two hugged in pure happiness. 


“Bestie’s new bestie needed a bestie so here we are making it happen”


If that isn't evidence enough of how pure this friendship is, both of the besties are posting videos of them enjoying their pregnancy together. Do you see any more videos of them with the dad? Sorry pa, you just don't get it like the BFF does. It's not just that now they have each other to share this experience with, but now their babies have guaranteed friends when they pop out into this world together. 


Preggo Twinsies!


Sorry dad, sorry grandma and grandpa, sorry aunts and uncles, and whoever else who thinks they're the best support system to that pregnant somebody in your life—besties are the winners every time. 


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