Amusing Tweets Proving Things Are Quite Different Down South

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    Text - Wesley DeeAnn Peña @wesleydeeann Why does everyone in the south rush to the gas station at the slightest chance of snow Y'all know if it snows even an inch none of us are leaving our house 12:26 am 12 Jan 2018 from Kroger Gas Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Tyler @Tylerfargone Why do people from the south call men younger then them son? 6:49 am-20 Aug 2016 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - areola grande @josefmartian Why does everyone in the south take up geography as a hobby? Yeah talahoosca is about 2 hours southwest of atlanta but why do we need to flex that we know that whenever we have a chance??? 8:55 pm 18 Aug 2019 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - е. @emilyrosee Why does everyone in the south have names like Beth Anne and Mary Jane why can't we just collectively stick to one name 4:43 am 22 Feb 2017 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Chelsey Scanlon @Chelseyscanlon I still don't understand why people in the south say "do what" when they don't hear you. Like I didn't ask you to do anything. 3:44 am 2 Jan 2013 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Mary Catherine Lloyd @mc_lloyd Question of the day: Why do people from the south add the word "salad" to a dish? It doesn't make it healthier or make me wanna eat it! 12:15 am 15 Aug 2014. Twitter for iPad
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    Text - Yoje @Dragon Why does everyone in the south run for milk eggs and bread at first sign of snow? Worried they'll get sudden craving for french toast? 11:04 pm 10 Jan 2011 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Natasha Mabry @natoshpointoh Why is everyone in the south SO NICE 12:34 am 8 Jun 2017 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Ramsey Brown @Ramblin_Rams "Why does everyone in the South make everything into casserole for Christmas" a 6:20 pm 25 Dec 2017 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - laura @otradillon why do people from the south call all pop Coke like that's confusing to me 10:42 pm 17 Sep 2015 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Callie Cerulli @callie_cerulli Why does everyone in the south drink out of mason jars?? They have different kinds of cups guys??? 3:02 am 1 Jun 2018 Twitter for Android
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    Text - CaliGamer @CaliGamer Why do people from the south accent the first syllable of a word? Examples: - POlice - CEment - YELlow (or yella) - DEfense - HOtel Asking for a... no, I'm actually asking for myself 5:05 am 16 Feb 2019 Twitter for iPhone >
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    Text - Kali Cahill @kali_cahill I need an explanation for why people in the south call a shopping cart and buggie.... 1:36 am-11 Jun 2019 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Jonathon Murphy @JmurphtheG Why is everyone in the south obsessed with ranch? I'm pretty sure they'd have ranch with their ranch if that was possible #karitweets 3:54 am 6 Mar 2013 Twitter for Android


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