Top Twenty Photos From Nikon's Microscope Photography Competition

  • 1
    photo of flourescent turtle embryo

    In order to photograph this turtle embryo, the photographer had to stack together hundreds of images. The result is an amazing fluorescent photo of a tiny turtle embryo, which one first place for the 2019 competition. 

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  • 2
    colourful flourescent photo of three stentors with black background

    These weird, trippy objects are stentors, types of single-celled protozoa that live in fresh water and feed on algae. 

  • 3
    photo of alligator embryo just forming

    An alligator embryo, twenty days into the animal's development, just as it's nerves and skeleton are forming. 

  • 4
    a close up image of male mosquito's bushy antennae

    The flamboyant antennae of a male mosquito. 

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  • 5
    a close up of a symmetrical snowflake

    A transmitted-light image of a perfect snowflake. 

  • 6
    close up photo of white hairy spider many eyes

    The many eyes of a small spider, covered in soft white hair. 

  • 7
    close up image of stamen of red carnation flower releasing pollen

    The stamen of a Chinese red carnation releasing pollen. 

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  • 8
    photo of blue and white pattern inside of frozen water magnified eight times

    This is the inside of a frozen water droplet magnifies eight times. 

  • 9
    cross section of tulip bud showing curling petals inside

    The cross section of a tulip bud, with the top of the bud sliced off to show the delicate curling of the petals and stamen. 

  • 10
    microscope photo showing red and blue cells of cow

    These are the cells of a young cow that undergoing the telophase stage of mitosis, when they form two nuclei before splitting into new cells. 

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  • 11
    microscope photo of fruit fly's ovaries colored yellow green purple

    The ovaries of a fruit fly, with the nuclei stained green, the follicle cells magenta and the protein filament F-actin colored yellow. 

  • 12
    close up microscope photo of a mosquito larva

    A mosquito larva. 

  • 13
    close up image of cubic red crystal growing on yellow matter

    A mineral composed of copper oxide called cuprite

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  • 14
    close up of female lynx spider with stripes on body

    A fierce-looking female lynx spider. 

  • 15
    microscopic image of pregnant daphnia magna, colorful crustacean

    A pregnant Daphnia magna, a type of freshwater crustacean. 

  • 16
    hundreds of yellow and black spheres close housefly's eyes magnified

    A housefly's eye magnified fifty times. 

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  • 17
    surreal yellow and white shapes made by vitamin c crystal

    A crystal of absorbic acid called vitamin C revealing an amazing shape under a microscope.  

  • 18
    photo of mushroom shaped crystal of cristobalute suspended in quartz

    A mushroom-shaped crystal of cristobalite suspended in clear quartz.  

  • 19
    red embryo of california two spot octopus

    The embryo of a California two-spot octopus

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  • 20
    close up picture of the blood vessels of a mouse after it had heart attack

    The blood vessels of a mouse after it had a heart attack. 


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