Hilarious Teacher Tweets That Capture The Job's Chaos

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    Footwear - Mrs.Hall @Ms_TMann When you forget you're wearing slippers from pajama day and you walk into a place where people are dressed normally.. oops! #iteach2nd #teacherprobs #elementarylife
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    Text - Emma Scoringe @EScoringe Me: So what did you do over the weekend for your birthday? 8 yr old: Oh we went to Vegas and stayed the Venetian because that's my favorite hotel. Me: Oh wow! I've never been there before! 8 yr old: Why? Are you poor? #teachingishard
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    Text - babe. @QUAYSTER One of my students asked me yesterday when will I marry? sent her out
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    Clothing - #teachergoals @teachergoals GOALS Parent: Why is my kid failing your class? Teacher reads off missing assignments #teacherprobs VAG
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    Hand - Robert Castleberry, M.Ed @RCastleberry259 #teacherproblems Red pen is the death of your work pants m
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    Text - Madds @Maddie_Rose4 First time getting puked on today by one of my students...big milestone in my career #TeacherProbs
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    Text - #teachergoals @teachergoals aTACHE When I tell my class a joke and no one laughs #teacherprobs
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    Joint - Ben Curtis @Curtis_PHS "Hey guys, graba book, get comfortable and read for 10 minutes." - I'd say he's following my directions! #GRCSU #VTED #TeacherLife
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    Text - part time dyke @jeanheaux one of my students ate grass today cause she wanted to see what it taste like; THREW IT UP, and continued to eat grass
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    Text - Siân Griffiths @BorrowedHorses one of my students just called me a "cruel beasty," which I'm taking as a sign of affection
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    Text - ME ARE WeAreTeachers TEACHERS @WeAre Teachers Accurate? #teacherlife WHAT TEACHERS ARE DOING ON FRIDAY AT 8PM |Sleeping. Like, in REM by 7:30 PM |Having popcorn and wine for dinner. Liking Instagram pictures of what their less fatigued peers do on Fridays Lying face down on their living room floor. Rapidly approaching the everyone-gets-a-100 point in their grading
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    Product - Shanna Zimmerman @srzimmer Student in 6th hour notices a successful catch in the glue trap on the floor. Picked it up to show the class and a second student asks "What's that, a Hot Pocket?" #teacherlife #We FlyTogether s CATCHMASTER Keep out of Reach of Children and Non-Target Animals Sticklers for Quality old fold TER
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    Text - Jordan Lammmers @JFK Lammers Note: chocolate and grading don't mix #teacherlife #teacherproblems #FirstFullWeek limf(x) D NE x ,f(x ) - 1, and as x 2, f(x) -3 X->2 D. lim f(x) SUnacolafe el x 3 X-00
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    Text - kat @katherine e 3rd grade really teaches me new things every day! For example, I didn't know that I looked "old and tired" when I left my house. Luckily one of my students was nice enough to clue me in !! :
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    Text - Tara McKiernan Burns @TaraSBurns I love grading papers that have bite marks taken out of them. #kindergartenteacherproblems
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    Product - Jordan Talley @MrsJordanTalley Cutting party for 18 feet of laminated stuff. Who wants to join this wild night? #teacherprobs INE 28 (26 30 27 25 SOO
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    Text - Enid Baines @ebraines Me this morning: Only 67 essays to grade this weekend. If I skip my workout and ignore my family, I'Il have Sunday free! (8 hours later) DONE! (Checks email) Six college recommendation letters yet to write. (Sighs) #teacherproblems #typicalteacherweekend
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    Cucumber - Ms. Sweet @sweeta_english First confiscated item of the year...high school kids are the #teacherlife #teacherprobs weirdest. 2019 THURSDA WEDNESDAY MONDAY 7 5 14 12 21 19 Oental Appt 28 26 ఇరి JANUARY MTW FS NOVEMBER DECEMBER FEBRUARY MARCH APR MAY MTWTFS 2345 SMTWTFS 2 45 ww 20 22 24
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    Product - Zoë in the classroom @misszoesc So this could have ruined my morning but #irise and I choose to make my day more amazing than this mess. #istilllovethisjob @NWMSNighthawks #iteachmath #quiz Day #teacherproblems #donotstepawayfromthecopier
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    Text - Math Teacher @Math Teacher1123 Teaching ninth grade (Career Prep) has been an adventure. I need to be careful in letting the kids choose what names they use in these fictitious job scenarios #teacherproblems Mr. Ben Dover 6969 Johnson drive
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    Text - Valencia Timberlake @DivineSummers In the last few weeks one of my students has managed to. . .on the sly.. .call me lazy, crabby and "oh you look tired" Me from 2 yrs ago woulda shank'd this 304. But thank God for growth and my new level of "appropriate pettiness"
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    Eyewear - Sarah Pope @bhamteasarahp Who needs sunglasses when you go to work and home in the dark #firstyear #teacherprobs
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    Text - jordan michelle @bringe_it_on Yesterday one of my students called me mom. I've officially made it


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