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Best Thirteen Mechanical GIFs This Week

  • The satisfaction.

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  • A rolling ball clock for those who like to be unique. 

  • This machine twists and bends metal rods like they're Play-Doh. 

  • An analysis animation showing how a small defect in an outer ring can result in a catastrophic failure of an Airbus helicopter. 

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  • This padlock is being sliced like butter by a water jet cutter.

  • This is a Urwerk UR-CC1 King Cobra watch. 

  • The breech view of the Ordnance QF 25-pounder being loaded and fired.

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  • An 100% Mechanical LEGO object avoidance mechanism. 

  • A Buxus trimming machine. And I thought it was done by hand!

  • How chains are made. 

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  • A nice radial engine piece for those redecorating mechanics lovers. 

  • A Buxus trimming machine.

  • A stirling machine and a flying pegasus. 


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