Curiosity Rover Sent Back Eerie B&W Photos of Mars

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    black and white photo from mars curiosity rover

    The Curiosity Rover lives inside a crater called the Gale Crater, which is 3.8 billion years old and it's likely to hold some clues to Mars' past (perhaps in it's clay). Curiosity has been climbing the peak of Mount Sharp for some time now, and right now it's making it's way up an eroded pediment called Central Butte at the base of Mount Sharp. It's studying the weather-eroded rocks that can be seen in the photos. 

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    black and white photo shadow of curiosity rover on mars

    These photos were shot by the navigation cameras, which only take black and white photos - unlike Curiosity's other photos. There are seventeen cameras attached to Curiosity, and as many areas of the Gale Crater are difficult for the six-wheeled rover to travel on, taking photos of the foreign landscape around it is the next most important thing Curiosity can do. 

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    curiosity rover on mars black and white inside crater

    The Central Butte is a geologically important area to study, as the layers of sedimentary rock could hold answers to whether there was once water on Mars

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    picture rocky landscape inside crater mars curiosity rover

    Curiosity is also able to analyse different colored rocks that suggest layers of stratigraphic units. Some of the photos it takes also have a multispectral approach, based on the principle that such pictures can be used to identify differences in rock types that a human eye might otherwise miss. 

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    black and white photo rocky ground mars curiosity rover

    After Curiosity finishes examining this side of the butte, it will travel to the other side to conduct new experiments. So, yes, we can expect more interesting images from Mars. What a time to be alive. 

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