Señor GIF

Fifteen Fresh GIFs For Your Entertainment

  • How a camera's aperture rate changes due to the amount of light let into the camera. 

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  • Practicing with her big brother. 

  • Danny Devit-ho 

  • Hello...

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  • OK bro, you hold it and I'll eat. 

  • So that's how you get abs. I was doing it wrong all this time. 

  • Train station employee saves passenger's life. 

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  • This kid was raised well. 

  • The star of the game, obviously. 

  • Keanu Reeves teaching self-defense to a Japanese TV show host. 

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  • A hunting dog encounters a wolf pack. 

  • Whoever said that cats aren't evil haven't seen this. 

  • Just a sleepy turtle drifting around. 

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  • Rare footage of an Andean mountain cat, one of South America's most endangered wild cats. 

  • Hug time, hooman! 


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