The Best and the Worst of Last Night's First 2016 Presidential Debate

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    Let it be known that yes, Hillary Clinton prepared for...well, being President.

    And uh yeah, that's a good thing.
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    Annd then Clinton dives in on Trump for his unreleased tax returns:

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    Then Clinton slams Trump for his 'lack of plans.'

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    But wait, apparently Hillary spent hundreds of millions of dollars on negative ads against poor 'ol Trump:

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    Trump managed to get in a zinger every now and again

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    At one point, folks started noticing that Trump was sure sniffling a lot...

    There was a problem rendering this tweet - it may have been deleted.
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    Then Trump went ahead and said that should Clinton win, he will offer his full support

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    The polls coming in about Trump v Hillary's chances at victory, were just a tad conflicting...

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    Here are some of our favorite tweets from last night:

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    Trump definitely had a case of the sniffles tho.

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    Gotta love Stephen Colbert's wrap-up of the crazy night as well:


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