Dad Shamed Online for Playing Fake Present Prank on Kids

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    Text - r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/stark2 9 hours AITA for wrapping a fake present for my kids? I have two sons from a previous marriage ages 8 and 9. I've had full custody for the last three years and it's just the step mom and me now. Their mother is no longer in the picture. They were so excited about christmas last year. There were many presents for them under the tree from the grand parents and us, and they were constantly checking them out trying to guess what was in them.
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    Text - They could hardly wait for Christmas day and begged us to let them open some presents early. So we allowed them to open one present that was gifted to both of them. It was the heaviest package under the tree and you could feel their excitement when I told them they could open it on Christmas eve. They tore into it like a couple savages. I'd wrapped it very well to make it take a little time to get at the goods.
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    Text - As the final paper was ripped off the present, the oldest was going like "it's's a" and the final paper came off, "brick". I thought it was hilarious. The looks on their faces was priceless. Unfortunatly they were somewhat upset, tears were shed etc. So we let them open one more present to calm them down. Am I the asshole for wrapping a brick as a present?
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    Text - abstractnerddreams 10.4k points 8 hours ago YTA. Why in your mind would you think it is amusing to torment a 7 and 8 year old with a fake present? That's just shitty.
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    Text - curiousrut 1.1k points 7 hours ago YTA. My dad now hates Christmas because his parents did this when he was 12, but with a lump of coal. He refuses to celebrate the holiday and it's just so sad considering it's 35 years later into his life. This is just so mean.
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    Text - elena_penguin 4.8k points 8 hours ago YTA, why did you think that was funny? My mom's boyfriend once wrapped a vacuum cleaner and gave it to us. Before we unwrapped it he hyped us up making us think it was a game console or something, making us promise to share etc. It was unfunny and we felt embarrassed later. Don't do this, total dick move.
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    Text - Squishy-Cthulhu 4.4k points - 8 hours ago YTA basic rule of thumb is a joke is supposed to be funny for everyone. If the "joke" is literally just seeing the disappointment on a child's face on Christmas Eve then you're just sick.
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    Text - marymouse 2.3k points 8 hours ago YTA. When I was about 5 or 6, my dad came in with a small wrapped present on Christmas Eve, saying Santa had come early! I remember unwrapping it slowly and excited, wondering why it was so small. It was a lump of coal. I felt so upset that I had been bad enough to deserve coal, while he just laughed at me, in front of relatives at a family gathering. I remember it vividly 35 years later. My dad was pretty mean all around when I was growing up (things far
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    Text - pupperupper 1.6k points 8 hours ago YTA - pranks like that only work when everyone is mature enough to appreciate the joke, and even then the actual gift is usually prepared/ given immediately after. All you did was shake their trust and embarrass them, which feels extra awful coming from a parent.
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    Text - Stella824 275 points 8 hours ago edited 28 minutes ago NAH but they were a little to young for this joke. Jokes like this are best left for teens.


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