Lying Producer Gets Verbal Take-Down for Offering Gig With No Pay

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    Text - 5:03 9 137 Exposed > Неу Hi Sup You can skip the small talk lol I'm looking for some background dancers for a music video at a well known artists house make or female/ F and with exotic looks. Do you know anyone who'd be interested Maybe, when's the gig and what's the payout? Tuesday no payout per say buts it's a one of a kind opportunity will get a lot of exposure and credited What do you mean by exposure like free sessions at a tanning salon? this better not be a porno... Yesterday 7:25
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    Text - 5:03 9 137 Exposed > Lmao no like networking opportunity to meet the right people By networking do you mean free Wi- Fi? Today 2:28 PM No bro this is a 1 of a kind unique opportunity to get ur name and face out there with the right people can lead to a shit ton of $$$$$ on the future!!!!! Ok here is what I'm texting people: |is looking for "Hey, background dancers for his music video shoot this Tuesday, he's offering free tanning sessions, free Wi-Fi for life, and a ton of $$$$, here's hi
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    Text - 5:03 4 137 Exposed > because I'm watching Oprah. No worries So you're offering free ATVS? No SMH scroll up My bad, I mixed you up with Oprah, she just gave the whole audience ATVS Ok so here's my new pitch: is looking for "Hey, naive and vulnerable young people to exploit for free labor on his music video. Can he afford to pay you? Absolutely, you'll be filming at a famous artists house and where do you think all this expensive filming equipment came from? Will he pay you? Absolutely not,
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    Text - 5:05 1 137 Exposed > Wt Fuck bro that's not what this is at all I help up and coming artists all the time ! we just aren't in a position to pay people this is common in the industry everyone knows this Pay them out of your own pocket. I don't make money like that Sell your paintball gun collection and your purebred dog. Lol bro y u see my dog? My pit is a rescue no ones paying for pitbulls they already got a bad rap You tagged a pit bull kennel selling purebred bluenose pitbulls for sever
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    Text - 5:05 1 137 E Exposed> your Instagram story. Why u creeping on my Instagram bro you should not be talking t me this way That's how trying to bullshit people smarter then you works. You lie and then I trap you. Blocking u, ur messing with the wrong person i kno everyone and can make your life hell Well they can be that important if they can't afford to pay minimum wage. Stay outta my business and mind yourself But what if I need a one of a kind networking opportunity or free sessions at a t


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