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Photographer Captures Intimate And Stunning Portraits Of Big Cats

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    This beautiful white tiger is Narnia, the photo taken by Mr Perou

    Narnia was born in the French circus. 

    In a lengthy bio all about Narnia, Big Cat Sanctuary described her as, "Very interactive, she loves to destroy cardboard boxes, chase boomer balls and play tug of war with her food. A fantastic cat who is also a very important ambassador for us in helping the educate guests about the dangers of breeding white tigers and the subsequent health defects that can occur."

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    This devilishly handsome Sumatran Tiger is Nias. This photo by Mr Perou is actually an out-take and not part of the Big Cats Exhibition.

    "Nias is a very handsome cat who has a disliking for the summer heat but enjoys regular hosepipe showers from the keeping team," writes the Big Cat Sanctuary. 

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    Maya, the beautiful jaguar.

    This gorgeous lady had a rough start in life. Her mother unable to feed and tend to her, she had symptoms of severe dehydration and weakness. This contributed to the decision of the Big Cat Sanctuary team to hand rear her.

    "Maya is growing and developing well; she's an intelligent, confident and affectionate character."

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    Another shot of Maya, image shared in The Times.


    You can read more about this project at The Times

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    Swipe through to see some insane shots!

    "People generally photograph big cats from a distance on long lenses — and for good reason," @mrperou admits. That didn't deter the photographer from setting up a studio in an actual lion's den to achieve these majestic portraits of the residents of The Big Cat Sanctuary.

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