Señor GIF

This Woman Makes Hilarious Sh*tty Robots (8 GIFs)

  • The soup-serving robot

    gif robot spilling yellow soup all over woman
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  • The breakfast machine

    gif machine trying to make cereal breakfast spilling it all over table
  • The wake-up machine

    gif woman getting slapped in face by plastic hand robot wake up machine
  • The beer-serving robot

    gif robot trying to pour beer and serve it to woman spilling it on her
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  • The lipstick robot

    gif robot putting lipstick all over woman's face
  • A robot to argue on the internet

    gif plastic head attached to robot arm being dragged all over computer keyboard
  • The hair-washing robot

    gif woman in shower getting hair washed by rubber hand
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  • The baby-carrying drone (this is a baby doll!)

    gif drone carrying baby doll falling over failing


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