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Are You Dumb Enough to Try These Idiotic Methods of Eating Caroline Reapers?

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    Watching These Professionals Struggle After Eating a Frankenstein Carolina Reaper is All You Need to See To See You Never Try One Yourself

    A year ago, Danish pepper-eating legend Chili Klaus joined Hot Ones host Sean Evans to take on the Carolina Reaper, the world's spiciest chili pepper.
    Now, the Scovilles-fueled bromance continues on a horse-a day-carriage ride in Central Park, which takes a bizarre and painful turn when the pair decide to crack open a mystery package from their fiendish friend "Smokin' Ed" Currie of PuckerButt Pepper Company in Fort Mill, SC.
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    This Guy Eats 3 Carolina Reapers and Then Drinks a Fifth of Fireball Whiskey

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    This Guy is About to Take Vape Nation to the Spiciest Level with a Carolina Reaper

    Well the dude is living up to his channel name, 'The Crazy Vaper'. 
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    How About Eating 40+ Dried Carolina Reapers in 20 Minutes?

    The vomiting aftermath was serious.
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    Why Not Celebrate Your Idiocy and Eat Carolina Reapers on a Cake?!

    While wearing a shock collar to be punished for complaining? The eating start at 7-minute mark.
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    Newsflash: Taking a Huge Bong Rip of Carolina Reaper is Not a Great Idea

    Just as you imagine, this dude pukes. 
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    This Girlfriend Pranked Her Girlfriend's Unsuspected Mouth

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    And This Bro Eats 100 Carolina Reaper and It Wrecks Him


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