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12 cats that look like aliens | thumbnail left cat with toys trying to contact mothership plus text, thumbnail left cat withdrawing money from atm

12 Cats That May Or May Not Secretly Be Aliens

Felines From Outta This World
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crazy Aliens wtf strange boiling liquid nitrogen science weird Venom - 107134977

Liquid Nitrogen in A Dirty Container Has Strong Alien Symbiote Vibes

It's alive! It's not, but it looks like it!
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12 images of cats that look like aliens | thumbnail left white cat with drooped ears, thumbnail left small black kitten that looks like baby yoda

12 Cats That Just Might Be Aliens

Feline Energy From Out Of This World
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funny memes, funny tweets, twitter memes, twitter, trending tweets, ufos, ufo, space, extraterrestrial, pentagon, navy, ufo sighting, conspiracy

Pentagon Confirms 'Regular Sightings' of UFOs & The Internet Is Suspicious

We want to believe. Or do we?
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twitter memes, funny memes, funny tweets, grimes, back tattoos, tattoos, alien scars, aliens, roast, memes, funny, bad tattoos, funny celebrity pictures

Grimes' New Full Back Tattoo Gets Meme'd & Roasted

Looks like an angry cat went to town on Grimes' back.
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Tumblr story imagines an alien invasion being fought off by the earth's wildlife | skeletonmug Imagine being next crew go down earth and thinking s fine got this have weapons and equipment necessary deal with bears and shudders hippopotamuses be fine And at first are learned dodge learned where their territories are know defend yourself. But then one night are sleeping shelter

Tumblr Story: Alien Invasion Fought Off By Wildlife

Can't count out those mosquitoes.
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funny memes, memes, aliens
Via ARussianAndHisBike
strange moments and coincidences that people can't logically explain | That_Weird_Girl_107 10 days ago edited 10 days ago 2 3 3 3 3 hit patch black ice dark going 60mph down highway. At time drove 1 ton cargo van hit guard rail and flipped. Not only did walk away without scratch car drivable and only 30 min late work.

Strange Events People Can't Logically Explain

Sometimes it's too freaky.
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Awesome Tumblr story captures earth's wildlife through the lens of aliens' eyes. | giraffepoliceforce really want science fiction story where aliens come invade earth and effortlessly wipe out humanity, only be fought off by wildlife. They were expecting military resistance. They weren't counting on bears. splintercellconviction Imagine coming hostile alien world and being attacked by horde creatures can weigh up 3 tons, run at 30 km/h (19 mph and bite with force 8,100 newtons

Epic Tumblr Story Captures Earth's Wildlife Through Aliens' Eyes

Don't ever count earth out.
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guys you'll encounter at the galactic federation | thumbnail image of Thor Text - Thor: The ladies man As a brawny thunder God, you already know he brings the thunder in bed.  Feeling experimental? Have him whip out his enchanted, erotic hammer to spice things up. And with his super endurance, he’ll keep it  going all night long.

Guys You'll Meet At The Galactic Federation

Evidently, the earthly men are useless
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news story about a metal monolith installed in Utah

Someone Placed a Mystery Metal Monolith In Utah

Pretty on brand for 2020.
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askreddit, wholesome, 2020, coronavirus, scifi, aliens, future, climate change, comments, reddit | r/AskReddit u/ilikepintobeans If 2021 is as good as 2020 bad will see happen 2021?

People Fantasize About What Their Ideal 2021 Would Look Like

Indirect laments about the failures of 2020
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mini gallery of small and tiny baby sphynx kittens - thumbnail includes two images of baby sphynx bald with big ears one peeking out of a mug that reads THE BEST IS YET TO COME and four hairless kittens in a row black and pink

Miniature Gallery Of Wrinkly Baby Yodas (Sphynx Kittens)

So smol
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People describe some of the most supernatural experiences that they'e ever had | VerityPushpram 12d January 1 2003 stretch road between 2 coastal towns Australia dark and stormy, reall Driving along with my partner noticed car coming up behind us, travelling fast single lane road so couldn't move over said my partner "This guy is hurry, let him overtake My partner agreed and he moved left as soon as there an overtaking lane car pulled up beside us and then disappeared. There nowhere

Most Supernatural Experiences People Had

Maybe aliens are gonna say hey soon.
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America First

Funny meme that reads, "Aliens in movies" above an image of Buzz Lightyear saying, "Hmm yes the earth here is made out of of USA"
Via ksac62
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