driving car fails

Incompetent Drivers Who Should Be Banned From The Road

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cool wtf car technology plane win airplane flying - 107045889

Literal Flying Car Makes First Inter-City Flight

Finally, people in the 2020s can have what people in the 50s thought they'd have by the 80s.
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Engineer warns farm owner to not park by a valve, his car is destroyed | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/OlderSparky 2 4 hours ago Owner says "Yeah, yeah been saying years and nothing bad has happened Sparkies tale. oc XL 10+yrs ago, Rural Australia. This tale takes place on big, very profitable fruit farm. Over 100k trees my favourite fruit s about moment deliberately caused most monetary damage my electrical career If has interest, read story think 's funny and instructive may even save life

Australian Engineer Lets Farm Owner Destroy His Own Car

He could have listened.
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thumbnail of kitten under a car

Sweet Kitten Cries For Help And Finds Forever Home (Video)

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attempted thief gets hit with brick that he throws at car after it bounces off the window

Attempted Car Thief Gets Taste of Bouncing Brick

Instant Carma.
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driver gets video of hailstorm destroying his windshields and totaling his car

Hailstorm Really Effin' Up A Car

What the hail.
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story about an owl that got hit by a car and was rescued thumbnail includes a picture of an owl in a box being petted by a kid and another of an owl on a car window petted my a man

Owl Hit By A Car Rescued By Family On Their Way Home

Right place at the right time.
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two men stuck in a car with a flood going around them

Dudes Stuck In Car Caught In Crazy Flood

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Driver is safe after dragster crash

Driver Walks Away After Car Snaps In Half

That's gotta be jarring.
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Funny Reddit thread about road trip | r/AMA /raheemthegreat 9h Im an irritated mother on road trip. AMA actually her son, but since she forced come with rest family ask her anything want.

Irritated Mom Answers All Of Reddit's Juiciest Questions

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cats tiktok video car cute aww animals lol funny

Cat Won't Give Up Getting Into A Car (Video)

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A Choosing Beggar from 3 years prior needs a tow truck because his car broke down | No. Thats too low. Its hardly used. They are $100 new 75 So much would be willing $50? Been trying find one my friend can do $65 Okay let talk her and see she says Alright Thanks | My car broke down and im just trying get home dont think asking someone tried low ball an xbox kinect 3 years ago is answer lol good luck don't think 3:19 AM Just saying Idk are looking here

Entitled Stranger Reconnects after Years Cause He Needs a Tow

Who among us would think this is a good idea.
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Much Better

Funny meme about a car's tank being empty, but looking like it has some left when you look at it from a different angle
Via LeoSenior
bear car national park | Video of a car driving thru a national park that has a very friendly brown bear jump on it as it drives along

Bear Jumps On A Car On The Way To National Park

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squirrel nuts in car

Family Wonders What's Wrong With Their Car And Discovers "Gifts" From a Squirrel in Its Hood

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news car landslide interview supercut funny Video - 99984641

Guy Gets On Tons Of News Networks for His Landslide Story

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