A wild Twitter thread about how driving in Europe can be an adrenaline-charged spectacle.

Twitter Thread: European Driving Can Be An Adrenaline-Charged Spectacle

Yeah, no thanks.
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impressive crazy racing driving Video win - 107423489

Race Car Driver Rolls Car, Manages To Avoid Injury

Could've been a whole lot worse.
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road rage, vehicle, car, truck, trucker, lol, funny video, traffic, intersection

New York Driver Prompts Debate After Comical Response To Road Rage

From seasoned taxi drivers to freshly granted license holders, anyone who has driven in the big smoke will tell you that it’s an entirely stressful experience. All the traffic jams, toll rates and angry drivers are enough to put anyone on edge; it’s nothing short of a miracle that people don’t snap more often. However, when they do the results can be explosive. This isn’t always a bad thing, though, as @bcheungz has proved. The Twitter user has recently gone viral after capturing an altercation…
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Dad expects his daughter to pay him back for an emergency Uber ride.

Dad Expects Daughter To Pay Him Back For Emergency Uber Ride

Dad sounds just a bit clueless here.
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dash cam, car accidents, idiots, stupid people, cars, funny, idiots in cars, bad drivers, reddit, videos, driving

20 Vehicular Idiots Who Shouldn't Be Allowed to Drive

We don't need to tell anyone that there's no shortage of idiots in the world. Think about the sort of person whose attention is so absorbed by their smartphone that they're prone to walking through glass doors or falling into sinkholes. Now imagine that person getting into a car and driving around. Terrifying, right? Millions of idiots drive every single day and it's totally normal. Thanks to all the extra-cautious drivers in the world, there's plenty of mind-boggling dash cam footage out there
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classsic driving fails people who are bad at driving

20 Classic Driving FAILs Brought to You By People Who Shouldn't Be Driving

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20 images and gifs of animals driving | thumbnail left cat behind wheel yelling, thumbnail right image of cat driving small car

Buckle Up: Mischievous Cats And Dogs Behind The Wheel (Images and Gifs)

Hey friends, you know it's no secret that we love our pets . Those innocent cutie pies sure do know how to find themselves in trouble, though. Wherever mischief goes, the pets follow! And today, the mischief has found itself behind the wheels of our vehicles. That's right folks, these cats and doggos are coming for your cars and taking the wheel, so you'd better buckle on up. We hope these good boys and girls have good sense of direction, because we are not sure where this journey will lead us.…
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A scary biker dude tries to cut in line at the gas station, and ends up getting ego checked hard.

"Scary" Biker Dude Tries To Cut In Line At Gas Station, Gets Reality Checked

Not today, bud.
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impressive history awesome helpful driving restoring faith in humanity week Video win - 107252737

Man Forges Interstate Highway Sign On LA To Help People Avoid Getting Lost

Dude should've gotten a key to the city.
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Funny memes about cars and racing

Memes for People Like Me Who Know a Lot About Cars and Also Racing Them

I'm something of a car enthusiast myself.
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A collection of times that people were absolutely terrible drivers.

Times People Were Reckless Animals In Cars

They give zero hecks.
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tornado Natural Disasters weather driving dangerous - 107184129

Driver Stops Just Short Of Rampaging Tornado, Watches It Go By

Way too close for comfort there, man.
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customer service humor FAIL revenge McDonald's driving funny - 2537990

Red Truck Temper Tantrums At McDonald's Drive-Thru, Revenge Ensues

Music's an effective sidekick during a revenge.
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Driving fails and drivers doing stupid things

Morons Who Shouldn't Be Allowed To Drive

Good luck out there.
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teen driver told they can't go anywhere without permission, so he forces parents hand

Teen Driver Forces Parents Hand On Stupid Rule, Actually Wins

Reasonability wins out.
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An irate customer forgets where she parked a rental car, and then sweet justice ensues.

Customer "Forgets" Where They Parked Car, Sweet Justice Ensues

She was really on one.
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