Company doesn't want to pay guy what he's worth, so he takes nuclear revenge.

Company Doesn't Want To Pay Employee Their Worth, Costs Them Millions

Oh, their regret must be profound.
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cooking gordon ramsay awesome military marines - 107192065

Gordon Ramsay Trains And Cooks With Marines

Bit out of his element.
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saddam hussein, iraq, iraq war, donald rumsfeld, shitpost, stupid, reddit, tumblr, hiding, hiding place, hole

Bizarre New Meme Has Saddam Hussein Hiding In The Darndest Places

How did he get there?
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Ex military intelligence thinks that the company's internet will work without the power.

"Ex Military Intelligence" Expects Internet Without Power

That's a new one.
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angry boss tries to pick fight with U.S. army and doesn't succeed

Boss Tries To Take Priority Over Army, Doesn't Succeed

It's important to know which battles to pick.
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impressive awesome military iron man Video - 106824705

Royal Marine Goes Real Life Iron Man Mode, Boards Ship In Jet Suit

Oh what up, Tony Stark.
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A collection of the funniest things that drill sergeants ever heard recruits say.

AskReddit Thread: Funniest Things That Recruits Ever Said

All the pressure can get to some people.
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staff sergeant supervisor gets caught lying about job in performance review

Staff Sergeant Supervisor Gets Caught Lying About Doing His Job

It's all for the performance review.
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surprised military ridiculous army reaction funny Video tiktok - 2169862

Man Gets Caught Sleeping While On Duty

Woke up to a real life bad dream.
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Military officer wife Karen wants salutes, everyone starts saluting cars instead

Military Wife Karen Demands Salutes, Gets Mocked

Respect the sticker, she says.
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A collection of AskReddit replies to Redditors that joined the military and went on to regret it | tweet by IWasSayingBoourner greatest concentration absolute worst people l've ever come across my life silhouettes of soldiers walking

Redditors That Joined The Military Share Their Regrets

These people have all kinds of regrets.
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newest pixie and brutus comic about how brutus got his scars - thumbnail of first two panels of the comic Remember do said tell ya happened older mean | Oh mean scars? Yeah don't have if don't wanna. No fine.

Pixie And Brutus: How Brutus Obtained His Scars

*This comic contains violence*
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Funny memes about being in the armed forces, military, navy, air force | tom cruise in top gun movie playing volleyball shirtless vs guys from revenge of the nerds: Officers movies Officers real life. baby yoda: get pulled over and give officer military ID hoping will get out ticket

27 Military Memes For Privates And Staff Sergeants Alike

Basic training sucks, these memes don't.
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story about a military dog serving in Afghanistan getting shot in in both hind legs and receiving a medal of honor thumbnail includes two pictures including the dog with the prosthetic paws and another of the dog and his handler kneeling together

Retired Army Dog With Prosthetic Paws Receives Highest Animal Honor Medal

A true hero.
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Man tells his girlfriend to stop making TikToks about their relationship | AITA telling my girlfriend she needs stop making Tiktoks as they're so embarrassing? Not hole currently deployed and if unaware TikTok has ridiculous amount military users, its so fucking cringe swear Tiktok is like 90% cringy edgy preteens and teens, military, and creepy old men talking preteens. Anyways my girlfriend makes lot tiktoks about much she misses and about army girlfriend stuff. She'll post stuff like #armygf

Man Tells Girlfriend To Stop Making TikToks About Them

Sounds just a little cringe.
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A revenge story about crazy ex girlfriend that steals guy's truck, and paints it pink | r/ProRevenge Join u/360Entertainment Not Car, Lady! So this happened around 2008. My buddy Brock had gotten out military after 10 years. He'd started Marines but transitioned into Army last 4 years before buying house Texas he got out he did variety jobs before landing gig with Repo service. He worked there year and had lot wild stories but this one sticks out most as he helped fellow soldier get

Psycho Ex Steals Man's Truck, Kind Karen Saves The Day

Finally, a kind and heroic Karen.
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