Tweets about what kids used to think meant people were rich, wealth, funny, childhood | connectpoliticditto @cpoliticditto My wife grew up thinking having water/ice dispensers FRIDGE DOOR life goal grew up thinking if had basketball hoop with clear/ plexiglass backboard were rich are some things thought were indicators wealth were kid? | Le Ah @lfonten2 Replying cpoliticditto grew up San Diego military housing (old small townhouses) so thought having house with California roof meant were rich dr

23 People Share What They Once Thought Were Indicators Of Wealth

All. The. Cereal.
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edit, photo, facetune, twitter, funny, why, war, ww2, wife, death

Internet Stranger Goes A Little Too Far Restoring Photos Of Elderly Man’s Late Wife

A wartime sweetheart with a BBL.
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Tales From Customer Service Workers Roasting Obnoxious Customers| thumbnail text - dalishpariah we opened at 11 this morning. i watched an old man literally pry the fking sliding doors open at 10:43 and stand there just staring into the empty store and my coworker & i were like sir. for the love of fk

Tales From Customer Service Workers Roasting Obnoxious Customers

These people all deserve an award
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Hilarious Astrology Tweets That We Definitely Got A Kick Out Of| Thumbnail text - Astro Poets ... @poetastrologers Scorpio: I'm the saddest person who ever lived Therapist: ok relax 8:28 PM · 9/25/21 · Twitter for iPhone 819 Retweets 199 Quote Tweets 6,089 Likes

Extra Astrology Tweets That We Definitely Got A Kick Out Of

'You're in his DMs, I'm in his tarot reading'
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funny scary dog looks like it has seen everything Twitter thread

Twitter Thread: The Dog That Looks Like It Has Seen Nightmares

Good boy?
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twitter thread about a cat walking into a science lab | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat in a lab and one tweet 'Property - Dr. Jen M ... @AwesomeBiota CAT. THERE IS A CAT IN THE LAB. A CAT. 11:48 PM - Sep 23, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 12.4K Retweets 963 Quote Tweets 151K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Curious Cat Breaks Into Science Lab

Lil hooligan.
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movie, film, movie review, critic, critical, letterboxd, twitter, social media, art, lol, wtf

Weird Movie Reviews That Are As Amusing As They Are Worrisome

Everyone's a critic.
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viral tweets about Angela Merkel going to a zoo and being spooked by birds | thumbnail includes a picture of birds sitting on a scared woman and one tweet 'Vertebrate - Marcel Dirsus ... @marceldirsus Merkel visited a bird zoo today and the photos are everything. This isn't photoshop, it actually happened 11:15 AM - Sep 24, 2021 - Twitter Web App 16.2K Retweets 2,482 Quote Tweets 86.1K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Angela Merkel Visits A Zoo And Ridiculousness Ensues

The photos are everything.
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british twitter, british tweets, funny tweets, twitter memes, twitter, britain, funny, england

Bloody Brilliant Banter From The Best Of Brit Twitter

Have some tweets with yer tea
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A Twitter thread where people describe their grievances with working their minimum wage jobs.

Nasty Managers That Drove Their Employees To Madness

A lousy manager can make a bad job that much worse.
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funny twitter thread/rant about giant rabbits | thumbnail includes two photos of giant rabbits and the text  'oh my god you can't feed a whole head of cabbage to a baby!' *reveals it's a giant rabbit*

Giant Rabbit Spurs Funny Twitter Thread

When we learn a new animal fact, whether it's about adorable doggos or cuddly bunnies , our hearts sing with joy. We always think we know everything there is to know about cats, or dogs, and then we learn a new random fact. In this case, there's a lot of information about rabbits that the average person would find really surprising, and we learned something quite new today. Giant bunnies exist, and they're incredible. Upon realizing that giant bushy tailed bunnies do indeed exist, one twitter u…
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Funny and cringey times people didn't know who they were talking to

Cringey Times People Didn't Know Who They Were Talking To

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r/holup, hold up, funny tweets, twitter memes, unexpected awesome, unexpected punchlines, jokes, plot twist, reddit, spicy, comedy, funny, lol

20+ Posts with Funny Plot Twists and Unexpected Punchlines

Hold up...
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A collection of funny moments from the wild world of Scottish Twitter.

Comedy Gems From The World Of Scottish Twitter

Love us some Scottish Twitter.
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Tweets From Parents Who Know How Eloquently To Roast Their Kids| Thumbnail text - Dadman Walking @dadmann_walking me: are you dressed and ready to go? my kid: dadmann walking

Tweets From Parents Who Know How To Eloquently Roast Their Kids

Eloquent roasting is an art form
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People Tweets Things That Kids Today Will Never Understand| Thumbnail text - Just J ... @junejuly12 Sad that kids today will never know the breathless anticipation of flipping pages in the phone book to find just the right name and prank call. 10:17 PM · 8/28/19 · Twitter for iPhone 325 Retweets 5 Quote Tweets 831 Likes

People Tweets Things That Kids Today Will Never Understand

Such a shame
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