things people didn't realize until late in life

Obvious Things People Learned Embarrassingly Late In Life

Every day is a chance to learn.
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wrong things peoples parents told them

Wrong and Dumb Things People's Parents Told Them

There's a lot to unlearn.
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stupid, dumb, moron, lol, social media, ridiculous, wrong, confidentallyincorrect

15+ Times People Were Undeservedly Smug

These are not the owns they think they are.
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food, objects, spelling, signs, labels, misspelling, fail, lol, wrong

Amusing Moments Of Spelling Ineptitude That Prove More People Need To Own A Dictionary

It's easily done, and it's happened to all of us more than once. You're typing away at a text to a friend, writing an important email or even jotting down a shopping list. All of a sudden, your mind goes blank, or your thumb goes awol, and before you know it you've written down something that even the most overzealous autocorrect can't fix. While most of us do our best to avoid such mistakes when it matters, sometimes the odd one slips through the net and while they may not be right, they sure …
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cat photos that are weirdly wrong

12 Photos Of Cats That Just Aren't Right

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funny and dumb design failures | half a toilet stuck in a wall | two swings that if you used both you'd bump into each other

Design Failures That Could Use Some Rethinking

Ah, a half bathroom.
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Customers who were at the wrong restaurant askreddit | Displaced_Yankee 37.0k points 3 days ago 2 17 More shift manager at McDonald's middle mall guy walks up counter with several McDonald's bags food. Guy: My wife came through drive-thru and messed up order Are sure she came through our drive-thru? Guy: Yes! She told she came through drive-thru, and she got home she realized order wrong. Y'all need give us our money back and give us right food confused while looking around mall Did she drive

Bold and Mistaken Customers Who Were at the Wrong Store

Gotta love customer service.
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Annoying and imperfect images | round stained glass window misaligned with the door beneath it | car with wonky paint job

Annoying and Off-Center Imperfections

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jenny jinya dog fighting dogs animals abuse sad heartbreaking reaper death comics illustrations stories adopt | drawing of a puppy being held up by human hands Hello We friends @lennyJing He's perfect !

Jenny Jinya's Newest Comic About Dogfighting

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Untrue misconceptions | Back2Bach 18.7k points 3 days ago Lightning never strikes twice same place fact does, and frequently don't want be there happens.

Everyday Misconceptions People Still Believe

They're persistent.
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Stories of rumors people found out about themselves | Stop_CharterSchools 3.2k points 13 hours ago made fun Baptists at my friend's house, and his mom told other moms worshiped devil. This 10th-grade or so.

Dumb Rumors People Discovered about Themselves

Word gets around fast.
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askreddit stories hide and seek wrong fail fails real | peterjohnpeterson 21.3k points 2 days ago thought would be clever and hide underneath an abandoned vehicle somebody's yard covered with hornets nests underneath first one 63 stings, fuckers chased block.just like bees behind

Real Stories Of 'Hide And Seek' Going Horribly Wrong

When you hide a little too well...
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Askreddit stories of times when people were accused of something they didn't commit | PostItFrustrations 247 points 23 hours ago have lot these. But most ridiculous about 13 and got suspended getting fight on day home sick guess my friend got fight and they were so used finishing her fights they automatically assumed involved. And course my talking back gave detention wasn't reversed proved wasn't there.

People Who Were Accused of Crimes They Didn't Commit

It's hard to forget these moments, no matter how small.
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Various times that people were misjudged | reddit posted by LotusPrince Not but my brother he elementary school grades are based on things other than test scores teacher noted on his report card he needs work on his skill at cutting with scissors. My brother is left-handed, and scissors classroom were right-handed people.

Wrongful Times People Were Misjudged

Assume nothing.
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Family feud contestant wrongly answers saying Popeye's favorite food is Chicken.

Contestant Confidently Says Popeye's Favorite Food is Chicken

That's the enthusiasm we like to see when someone is wrong.
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People on askreddit share the wrong ways to eat certain foods

People Share The Wrong Ways to Eat Food

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