10 Simple Mistakes That Could Definitely Ruin The Rest Of Your Day

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    Trying to Start Your Day Off Right? Nope.

    Via: thejordanator
    This is why you should always put it away.

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    Via: CappaWasDetated
    You'll never really want to think about what your mouth tastes like again.

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    Move On and At Least Get to Work On Time, Right?

    Via: crapfactory
    Nope. No chance of a good day now.

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    Via: SlightlyWarped
    Dammit, really?!

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    OK You've Made it Through Work, Your Commute Home Might Ruin It Anyways

    Via: LW
    Oh that's right you left something in the trunk... unsecured.

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    Via: ClownTaint
    Or you're a parent and your child left something unsecured in their 'trunk'. Gross.

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    Via: @MiaSimper101
    It'll seem funny until you have to wake them up to clean them up.

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    Now That You're Home, Dinner is Your Next Lurking Day-Ruiner

    Via: Hefty
    More like a crackpot now. Thanks for nothing homemade meal.

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    Via: crapfactory
    Ok just open some wine and order a pizza.

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    No Pizza is Bad, Get a Pizza!

    Via: crapfactory
    The pizza delivery guy knows your day didn't have enough swearing in it, so they delivered it for you.
    Just go to bed and call tomorrow a redo.
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