The Internet Imagines Barack Obama and Joe Biden as Best Buds and Their "Conversations" Are Hilarious

Anyone who's seen their friendship bracelets knows that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are best friends. The internet took that a step further with imagined conversations that are at times adorable and always hilarious.

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    Barack Obama and Joe Biden Sitting Together

    Via: Reverend_Scott 1k3kf93k

    The cool wind of the spring day occasionally tossing their ties with strong gusts even flirting with Biden's hair. The two men sit right next to each other in a long row of folding white chairs, with Joe putting his arm around the former-president and laughing together while remembering the good times.

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    Joe Pointing, Barack Waving

    Via: Reverend_Scott

    POTUS and VPOTUS standing together, dressed to the nines and wearing matching ties. As the crowd engages them and asks some prying questions, Obama laughs and waves back. But everyone knows you can't kid a kidder. Joe Biden is a kidder, look at him go!

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    The Ear Whisperer Bro Hugger Biden

    Via: kylhoerenn 1k3kf93k

    When bros collide. Biden affectionately whispers something into Obama's ear, to which the President smiles, and embraces the Vice President emphatically, with closed eyes. You gotta wonder what he really said to him there.

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    Obama Double Face Palm and Biden on Fleek

    Via: jwoodham

    The joke with this one is that Biden is all up to speed on the hottest new terms kids were using back then, like having eyebrows on fleek. 

    Obama already has his jacket off, implying he has been hard at work for a good many hours. Biden looks like he might have just showed up and offered a solution which was the crux of the problem.

    Good ol' Joe, gotta love him.

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    Via: Reverend_Scott

    Tweet and GIF highlighting how difficult, yet hilarious, some of the interactions with Biden and Obama are imagined to must have been.

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    Via: TheDiLLon1

    Biden clutching the football with the thousand yard stare in his eyes as he looks right through an unfocused Obama.

    Never heard of any stories that Biden through that football at anyone's face, but that would have been hilarious.

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    Via: TheNameIsRiles

    When this meme came out, it was making fun that Biden is a simpleton. But there was actually a study that showed 7% of American's believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows. But maybe those 7% just read this meme and decided to play along with it. Can't believe people truly believe that.

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    Via: mjkiebus

    This meme really drives home the notion that Mr Biden is a child given a chance to be treated as an adult. 

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    Via: Reverend_Scott

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    Via: Reverend_Scott

    The bromance between Obama and Biden can't ignore that important fact that there are going to be some naturally occurring cultural clashes as white people like to act like they are black when around black people.

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    Their Post-Election Conversations Are Even Better

    Via: aukmoore

    Running for office with a whole new meaning.

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    Obama would never leave Biden, would he?

    Via: witchyvibe

    Meme joking around that Biden is an insecure little child.

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    Obama and Biden - Double Face Palm Meme

    Via: @Sammart123

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    Nothing wrong with holding hands, Joe

    Via: @Thomas_A_Moore

    The joke here is that they are poking fun at Mike Pence for being homophobic. 

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    Hey buddy, I got a movie for you.

    Via: @SteveStfler

    Biden just can't keep his hands off of good ol' Obama.

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    Double Face Palm Obama

    Via: @jacquelinehey

    The double face palm of Obama has many applications for memes, this is just one of them.

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    FYI: Biden uses this move on waiters all the time to get free drinks.

    Via: @jonnysun

    The reassuring walk of Joe Biden as he puts his arms around Obama.

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    Obama to Biden: Watch me crack my nose.

    Via: @aaronpaul_8

    Obama and Biden with Barack doing what can only be described as double-face palm.

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    Double Fisting VP Joe Biden

    Via: CulturedRuffian

    Joe Biden and Obama as Biden gives an emphatic speech on how he used to milk cows every morning. Goes on for a few more minutes about the details.

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    The lost eyes of Joe Biden

    Via: @CulturedRuffian

    With a vacant stare as he looks out the window, Biden contemplates the harsh reality that Santa isn't real.

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