Pokemon Go Nerfs Pidgey Spawns. So Here's an Extra Daily Dose of Pidgey

More good news for Pokemon GO players. Niantic continues on their recent trend of giving players more of what they want. In this case, the more is LESS of Pidgey, Ratata and Zubat.
We know that life just won't be the same for us without finding a pidgey on every damn corner of the earth. So let us remember the good times we shared with our little flappy friend with.

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    The Horrifying News:

    Via: Pokemon Go

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    No More Candy Grinder

    Via: reddit

    This also means that exp farming with Pidgey evolutions will now be more difficult.

    Hope you all like weedles and caterpies!

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    Pokemon Go Spawning

    Via: gifycat
    A demonstration of Niantic's spawning strategies.

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    Hopefully we'll get a little less of this

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    Not Anymore Prof

    Via: iFunny

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    Pidgey's Sick of It

    Via: ifunny

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    My Children...

    Via: Know Your Meme

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    Pidgey Doesn't Joke

    Via: PidgeyBirdd

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    TFW when he breaks out 3 times and dodges twice.

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    The Latest Pokémon GO Has People Like

    Via: timtheanimator

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    We're Headed Nowhere Fast with All This Pokémon GO Madness

    Via: warry0r

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    The Neighborhood Pidgey's Be Posting up in Here Like..

    Via: manhugs

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    A Real Pidgey! Is This Gen VII?

    There was a problem rendering this video- The video may have been deleted.
    Via: vine

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    Pidgey Pair Bonding

    Via: Mokpo

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    I Don't Think That's Right...

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    Fly Me Back to Pallet Town

    Via: holdtorun

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    I've Caught a Pidgey!

    Via: sunnyblu

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    The Truth About Fly

  • 20

    Dammit, Ash...

  • 21

    Full of Pidgey

    Via: funnyjunk

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    The Horror

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    That's Logical

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