Top Reasons I'm Excited For MLP:FiM Season 4

The wait is almost over! Saturday is just around the corner and with it comes the premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (finally!). As the newest moderator of My Little Brony, I'm counting down why I can't wait for Saturday morning.

  • It's Finally Time to Wake Up!

    By Unknown
    We may not be wrapping up Winter, but Fluttershy can't shirk her Off-Season Wrap-Up responsibilities. I want a gentle alarm Saturday morning with breakfast in bed.
  • My Mane Will Be Shinier

    By icymate
    So much STRESS! It makes my coat patchy and frays my mane and tail. Once I get some new MLP, I'll be sleek and shiny.
  • I Can Finally Get Off The Hype Train

    I believe it was Tom Petty who said, "The waiting is the hardest part," but obviously he's never had to wait months while spoilers, leaks and head-cannon theories were bucked about like apples. Enough of all the hype! Starswirl? Nightmare Moon returns? Cutie marks? Who knows, I just want some ponies.
  • The Countdown Posts Will Stop

    I love a GIF as much as the next Brony, but it'll be nice to see them disappear. With only a couple days left, you all should out-do yourselves. Get out there and GIF.
  • Sad Spike Will Have Something To Be Happy About

    Has Sad Spike been getting you down, too? Well, don't worry. Soon enough he'll be back to doing what he loves, taking dictation and sending letters.
  • If We Can Create A New Ship With a 30 Second Trailer, What'll We Do With A Full Episode?

    With no new MLP to fuel our imagination, even the tiniest Scooby Doo, 'zoinks!' moment is enough to fan the flames. On Saturday we can feast on every animation...
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