People Inspired and Devastated Alike, Hatch Up Donald Trump-Inspired Inauguration Day Drinking Games

Read the label closely on this bottled up thread of booze-minded, politically-fueled goodness: many of these games are guaranteed to give your tolerance for the alcohol a solid run, all the while pulverizing your liver. And hey, maybe that's exactly what some of us find ourselves hopelessly looking for as we stare out at the abyss of what some might call the 'death of the American Dream', while others see hope and promise. I don't know. Let's hoist a glass either way and enjoy the circus.

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    Via: Mtserall
    Yes, how can we drink ourselves stupid whilst numbing our minds to the inevitable chaos of this day?

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    This sounds supremely spendy.

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    Not a 'game' but more so a disturbingly profound sentiment on what some think might come:

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    Via: ahrdelacruz

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    Much respect for the organization/presentation here

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