Keeping the Art of Handwritten Communication Alive

A handwritten note expresses things in a way that texts and tweets just can't. Especially now, when kids and adults alike seem to be glued to their smartphones at all times, it's always nice when a child takes the time to actually put pen to paper.

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    Well, maybe it's not always nice.

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    Sometimes the sentiment is there, but execution errors obscure the message.

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    In these instances, proper spelling is vital.

    Via: Pleated Jeans

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    At times it's hard to tell what the sentiment is at all.

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    Your child's notes may invoke mixed emotions.

    Via: reddit

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    Either intentionally...

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    ...or not.

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    Other notes are for purely informational purposes.

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    And by "purely informational purposes," I mean "warnings."

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    Since your children learn about written communication from you, set an example by leaving notes in their lunches.

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    The notes don't have to be elaborate.

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    Persist, even if your kids protest.

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    Leave notes around the house, too.

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    Add a follow-up if necessary.

    Via: mizzymidday

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    Jazz up your notes with some doodles.

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    If you leave enough notes, your kids may think they've learned enough to effectively imitate you.

    They'll probably be wrong.

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    It may take a while for your kids to develop an appreciation of the written word.

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    Some kids will resist the whole way.

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    But when your hard work pays off...

    Via: 22 Words

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    ...it'll be worth it.

    Via: pbb1nene
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