16 Adorable GIF's of Corgi's Doing Corgi Things

Corgi's are truly adorable creatures that were originally battle steeds for fairies in ancient England. Now they do a variety of other things.

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    Like Barrel Roll Down Stairs Because Walking is Tough

    Cute GIF of a Corgi having a hard time down the stairs with those short legs.
    Via Senor GIF

  • 2

    They Possess An Unbound Hatred Towards Lettuce

    gif of corgi fighting the lettuce
    Via GIF Senor

  • 3

    Staying Fit Playing Sports

    Corgi's gif of playing string ball together.
    Via GIFs

  • 4

    They Face The Sudden Realization That They Are The Only One That Cares About The Ball

    Corgi gif of sleep surrender - dog runs with ball and then crash lands on the floor, motionless.
    Via GIF

  • 5

    Maintaining a Good Clean Coat

    Funny gif of someone vacuuming their Corgi dog's belly.

  • 6

    Devouring Snowballs

    Awesome slow motion GIF of a Corgi catching a snow chunk in mid-air.

  • 7

    Here We See A Rare Corgi-Boxer Mix

    Cute GIF of a growling Corgi in a box that is very cute nonetheless.

  • 8

    Chilling On The Swings Like a Boss

    Cute looping gif of a corgi swinging back and forth in a kid's swing.

  • 9

    Participating in Rodeos

    Rodeo Corgi GIF - Toy on back of Corgi makes him go mad to take it off.
    Via GIF

  • 10

    Practicing a Rare Form of Yoga

    Corgi GIF of chasing a gray yoga ball around the room.
    Via GIF
    Full disclosure, this is Meatcliff and he lives with a Cheezburger employee. He was going to be really distraught if he wasn't included in this list.

  • 11

    Enjoying The Great Outdoors

    Awesomeness GIF of a Corgi dog leaping into the air to dive into a lake.

  • 12

    Keeping Your Stuff On Their Sturdy Heads

    Cute GIF of a corgi with a few things balanced on his head.
    Via Youtube

  • 13

    Really, Can Anyone Get Tired of Seeing Corgi's Bellyflop?

    Cute and funny GIF of a belly-flopping corgi diving into a lake.
    Via GIF

  • 14

    Sharing a Treadmill

    Gif of funny Corgi dogs on a treadmill walking in sync.

  • 15

    Sleeping After All That Lettuce Rage

    Funny passed out Corgi GIF from eating too much lettuce earlier.
    Via Gifs

  • 16

    Then Finally Waking To Do It All Again

    Funny gif of Corgi's sleeping in an organized way that falls apart when just one stands up.
    Via gif
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