These Dogs Have The Best Shocked Expressions, That We Just Had To Share (15 photos)

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    He Was Offered A Piece Of Cake... From His Own Cake

    Via: jaykirsch

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    "OMG, OMG.... Master Is Gunna Throw The Ball"

    Via: Apocalypter

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    New Giant Tennis Ball = Shocked Dog

    Via: just-a-traveler

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    The Turtle Caught His Attention... He waits For It To Move

    Via: I_already_reddit_

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    "Dude, Dude! Did You See That Stick!?"

    Via: isaac4s

  • 6

    When There's Too Many People And Your Anxiety Kicks In

    Via: DIA13OLICAL

  • 7

    Finally Going To Catch The Ball!

    Via: zegman12345

  • 8

    "Alright, this is you're first time out in public... remain calm."

    Via: aaronr93

  • 9

    Wooooooh Flying Flat Ball Has Landed!

    Via: some_neanderthal

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    She Is Not Pleased With The Flash

    Via: extravagant1110

  • 11

    Susan.... Did You Eat All Your Food?

    Via: some_neanderthal

  • 12

    Erm... Excuse Me, We Are Having A Very Serious Discussion...

    Via: woofdriver

  • 13

    Every Childs Face When They Hear "You're Not Getting Anything This Year For Christmas!"

    Via: PomchiThrow

  • 14

    Shocked When He Had Found Out That The Bench Is Used By Other Dogs As Well.

    Via: honda27

  • 15

    Someone Isn't Happy About Turning Another Year Older...

    Via: Reddit
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