These Cats Have Decided It's Time To Sit Like Humans (15 Photos)

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    Waiting in this line is too exhausting

    Cat sitting like a person, with arms all bored.
    Via: The Meta Picture

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    Carl, that's rude.. Don't take a picture dude!

    Cat sitting down like a person on the rug
    Via: The Meta Picture

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    Hmmm, Hooman sits like this... why not me?

    Gray cat sitting like a person squatting on the bed.
    Via: The Meta Picture

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    This is a great position for grooming!

    Cat sitting and leaning up against the wall and lick self
    Via: The Meta Picture

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    Hooman, Why you laugh?

    Cat sitting on the couch propped up by an extra pillow.
    Via: The Meta Picture

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    Hmmm, Should I have eaten the dogs food too?

    Cat sitting and pondering deeply.
    Via: The Meta Picture

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    So this is how kings sit

    Cat sitting down like a person with all sorts of helmets behind him.
    Via: The Meta Picture

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    Okay, that's enough sit ups for the year...."you did one"... shhh

    Cat that did a sit up, more that enough for the whole year.
    Via: The Meta Picture

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    Me and Hooman Are Bonding.

    Cat sitting like a person, on a person
    Via: The Meta Picture

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    Trying to do the Crow, please do not bother me

    Cat squatting like he watched the movie The Crow too many times.
    Via: The Meta Picture

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    "wow Sharon, please do tell me more."

    Black cat sitting like a person on a barrel, with his feet dangling.
    Via: off beats

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    But Iz also wants to be a hooman, just like yous

    Cat sitting like a person because he wants to be human too
    Via: mostly cats mostly

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    Ah, Thank goodness they left. Now I can enjoy my view

    Cat sitting human like and enjoying the view.
    Via: animals

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    Waiting for my food hooman. I iz not Plezed

    Cat at a high-chair, waiting for his food.
    Via: twitter

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    Cat sitting like a person, with his arms crossed in disapproval.
    Via: buzzfeed
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